Can women use male urine to pass a drug test?

Answers:    You can, but that means you are being deceptive in two ways
Urine is urine and why would need anyone else's urine to pass a drug screen. Stay clean and you wont have to worry about it!
So first you are using drugs.

Now you are lying to them about using another person's urine.

Boy, you sure are off to a great start with this employer.
NO !
You can, but...
Once the urine specimen is delivered to the person doing the test...they will check the temperature to make sure that it is in the right range.
The lab that will be doing the test may check the urine for the presence of adulterants...
It would be unusual for male urine to have female hormones and vice versa...another clue might be the presence of sperm in the urine specimen...that would either mean that the woman recently had sex and it dripped out of her vagina when she offered up the urine specimen or that the man was leaking sperm into his bladder...
another thing that you may want to know...if you initially pass your urine test (because of drugs) and your employer subsequently finds out that you are using...any monies lost because of this (the test, injuries...) can be recovered from you in court by means of your judgment was impaired and then you fraudulently passed your test...things like this seem to follow one around when you go looking for a new job...workers comp people keep detailed records like this
good luck
they dont suppose to test for sex.I've used terminater gold 60, it says it takes an hour to clean u up, but it took 2hrs just to finish the product. say u want to take a test at 11am, start drinking it at 6-7am. wait till your pee turns yellow before you head out to the test. I also used natrully klean in the past
why would you deceive the officials ? if you get caught out you will be in serious trouble. quit the drugs and use your own urine .

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