Is it true that Asians have smaller penis?

im 20 and my nephew is 12. We are both Asians...I asked him about school and he said that in science he was learning about sex ed. He then asked if asians have a smaller penis and he said he was 2.5(regular) and 3.3 when the myth abt asians true? also is his penis size normal?
Answers:    I'm not being mean or anything, but statistics say that Asians do indeed have smaller penises than most races. It ranges from about 3 - 5 inches when erect. I'm sure some Asian men beat the norm for their cultural group. I really can't give you an estimate on what a normal size per se because it's a matter of preference. I've never had sex with an Asian man before. I've read that 6 - 8 inches is the normal penis size for America--all races included. I don't think it matters with the women because I believe women of different races are physically built for the men of their races. This is true because the bone structure is different in different races. But it doesn't make anybody any less of a man if he doesn't have a "big" penis--somebody is going to like it regardless.

And Raul, stop sending me e-mails complaining about my saying that the statistics say Asian men's penises are smaller than other races. Grow the hell up and get a life!
I am asian and i am 14. I have a 5.5" erect.. and i dont know regular but .. yeah. keep in mind that i hope i am still growing, i hope to maybe reach 6 or beyond..

When I was 12, i think i was 4 or so..
but the myth is somewhat true, like many other people, it just varies, so it depends on who you ask.
The myth about Asians having a small one is false. Adult males, regardless of race, measure between 4 and 6 inches erect.

About your nephew, I believe that he is normal since he'll still have time to grow more.
it is true that it is a myth.

while some cultures do tend to show rather small, the average length for asians as a whole is a mere one-tenth of an iunch less than white men. And since most of us could not discern that small a difference with our naked eyes, it is pretty irrelevant isn't it.

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