Is there any proof that jerking off is good for your protate.?

Answers:    Yes sir! Great news for us guys! Yet another reason to bust a nut!

Studies have shown that releasing sperm does keep the prostate active and may actually reduce the chances of prostate cancer--so enjoy yourself without guilt!

It's not just the prostate that benefits from increased use. Studies have also shown that regular good dumps keep the colon healthy and also helps prevent colon cancer.

More good news!
If it helps with the guilt, go for it.
ahhh hell yeah man gotta keep the pipes clean just don't whack at the computer and get the keyboard all spudge up and if it makes you feel any better you'll have one arm really bigger than the other unless your a switch hitter
yea i agree with the rest.just keep doing it
Yes it opens the "pipes".
My doctor actually encouraged me to jerk more because I had prostatitis so go ahead and play with it more. It's good for you.

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