Why does my boyfriend sit down to pee?

My boyfriend just moved in with me and I noticed that when he goes to the bathroom he always sits down. Even when he just urinates. Aren't guys supposed to stand up when they pee?
Answers:    Maybe he's just lazy?
Could be just a habit. Have you tried asking him?
Maybe he is a she! Did you check?
At my buddy's house, it's the rule. You have to sit down to pee over there. It's all guys living in the house, the reason they made the rule is because NOBODY wants to clean pee off of the seat.
some say that peeing while sitting is good for your health...that what i heard
A guy doesn't HAVE to strand to pee. Some don't because they respect the girl they are with, and don't want to accidentally leave the ring up. Others do not shoot a thin stream, but spray wide enough to hit the sides of the bowl and even the floor, which is messy and needs to be cleaned up. Some men even have two streams at the same time, where one may hit the bowl just fine, the other may hit the floor or his pants. It's not a big thing, is very common, and if you don't want to embarrass him by asking, just let it go.
Sometimes it is just easier to sit down and pee. Guys can dribble or spray when they stand and pee so it keeps your toilet cleaner as well as the floor. You should appreciate the fact that he is being neater by not standing when he pees. It has nothing to do with his masculinity or feminity.
Did he have a father-figure growing up? I have a friend who is raising her son all by herself, and his father sees him less than a weekend dad and her child used to pee sitting down. He was also potty-trained on one of those special little kid toilets, which are basically for sitting only (the bowl is so shallow it gets messy otherwise...ugh.). My friend felt so bad about it since she knew why, he was around too many women and just didn't know you could do it standing.

What it might just be is that he isn't comfortable peeing while standing up since during his formative years he didn't do it. Also without an active male in a boys life, growing up he most likely always was taken to the women's bathroom, and never even saw a urinal until he got into first-grade... He may just not be comfortable with it...

Ether that or he's just lazy, which I'll admit, sometimes it's just taking so long the arm on the wall trick even gets tiring.

..However, how do you know this about him? It might just be me, but I wouldn't be comfortable with someone I'm dating knowing my bathroom habits. Since I'm not married I can't say if I would than ether, but I'm kind of sure that I would... A bathroom is a small little place, there isn't any reason that a person can't just wait until the other is finished...
You have a considerate boyfriend who's not leaving the seat up nor peeing on it. Why complain or ask questions?

Some guys just like sitting.
uh, maybe he's too lazy to stand or he may have something to hide or on a more serious note, may be something wrong
He's been living in a household full of women. Don't knock it - it means you'll never have to complain about the seat being left up.
maybe you have him puddy whipped ... congrats !
I don't think there's a law against it. Anyway, you'd complain if he left the seat up (women apparently are incapable of lowering a seat) so you should be happy.
Having respect for the partner, double urine stream, and getting the toilet bowl messy are all real good reasons to sit while peeing.

It is also easier to pee when sitting down when you have difficulty with your stream or have a urinary tract infection.

In my opinion there is nothing gay or wussified about sitting while peeing. But there are religious and cultural differences on the subject.

I found an article that German supermarkets are installing electronic gadgets that warn men against standing while peeing.

And, yes, you should be happy you don't have to go in the middle of the night and end up with wet butt cheeks.
i've tried that but you better point your penis down or else you'll pee over the seat onto your pants.
i doesnt matter
is he black
That is a personal thing for him, don't embarrass him by asking, give him some respect. He could have many reasons for doing that, some were mentioned by others.
he may be a tranny
its for hygene ..and its also better
You should be happy he is sitting down to pee. In some households it is a rule, and he probably doesn't have a good aim so he is respecting you by sitting down to urinate. This is an awkward question, but he could just pee all over the seat, as long as he isn't making mess...I really wouldn't try to stop it. There is nothing wrong with it.

Perhaps he did it so that he wouldn't spray everywhere. You should be happy, would you rather see urine on the floor?
It's really not the unusual. It could be how he was potty trained or just a habit he picked up. There are plenty of guys who sit to pee. Since you're living together, you'll appreciate it in the long run. Trust me. There's nothing like having to clean up a bathroom because your boyfriend had bad aim in the middle of the night. And the smell.You'll see what I'm talking about.

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