when u get hard does your penis stand all the way up, well then.?

how comes some men's di*ks only go halfway up, but they are still hard? how can I make it go up farther?
Answers:    They are all built different girl, just like breast, some big, some small, some stand, some flop. If it curves thats just how he is made.
if you dont know already your either too young or stupid for me to tell ya!
They make meds for that.
let me show u how ones souppsed to work
mine goes up.. between straight up and 90* degree angle.

I guess that would make it a 135 degree's
who would want it to go straight up.
only no bout mine, I could hang you on it like a picure on a wall if I am standing
The short answer: it depends.

The long answer: Every man is hung different. For example, mine goes straight out and slightly upward when I stand, and makes about a 30 or 45 degree angle with my stomach when I lay down on my back. I guess it's a combination of genetics and the way the man handled it while he was growing up. It might be helped by slowly stretching it in the right direction, but it could take years to change it that way. It's probably best to do the stretching with almost no erection, and that means he'll probably have to do it himself. And you have to be careful with that stretching because the penis can be injured if you handle it too roughly. Better get him to talk to a doctor if it's really bad. Surely there's a fix for it. If it's not bad, just be happy that it gets hard and learn to work with it! Good luck!
is you talking about when a di*k is curved vs. one that is straight? if so, there is nothing u can do about a curved penis - that is how it is. I don't like them though, them suckers be hurtin!

lady under me - u crazy! why u in a hard di*k thread talkin' bout Jesus? okay, whatever float your boat. god bless! :0

no no, I'm not knockin' u or nothing! I was just pointin out what was going on up in here. I think you should answer all the hard di*k questions you want to. It's nothing wrong with dat. Take care lady, I think you not judging me and I'm not judging you. hopefully neither one of us is goin' to hell! peace out!
What seems right to a person, isn't always right.

It could be very self destructive.

Bee carefull, ok? Jesus loves you.

Uh huh.yeah I know whatchur thinkin, and well. I'm not sure how I got here really. I was just answerin one question after another.. and she asked, I answered the to the best of my ability. ;-)
I guess I could stay in my prayer closet, but then. that doesn't seem quite right either. God wants us to minister to those who need it. So uh, how'm i doin?
I didn't judge em, did i? God forbid I do that.

Ladies up above...That's hilarious...I can't stop laughing !
Why do you care ? Just as long as it's hard and he can stick it in you it should feel fine. Mine doesn't work anymore, but when it did it was about 90 degrees to my body and I could feel it throbbing. And my women liked it !!
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