Why do guys always re-adjust their balls?

Answers:    We have to, because we don't wear nut-bras.
cause they can become uncomforable
they itch
Because they're out of adjustment.
i have always thought they did that because they wanted to make sure they were still there.lol and it may be true or just to show you they have something there.
so they dont sit on them and i persume they dont stick to there skin ie legs
b/c they stick to sides of our legs
They stick together, the get tangled up in the underwear and sometimes they itch
bcoz they need air flow in that area, they dit it so that air will flow and the same time their balls feel cramped when left in one position all day long
make it feel more comfortable
Wouldn't you if you had someting hangin? It hurts to sit on them.
cause we can become uncomfortable or there Itch
your obviously not a guy it gets uncomfortable i hv to go the washrom
some times they start to stick if it's warm out and you have to reposition it because it is very uncomfortable.

Or they could be chaffing and the penis and balls are rubbing against the chaffing area and it hurts so they have to move their balls.
I have never really noticed guys 'ALWAYS"re adjust their testicles.I have noticed that they do it sometimes.I do when I sit down but not in a way that is easily noticeable.They do stick to the legs,in hot weather and they do tend to wander,especially if you wear boxers.I have never commented on women adjusting their tit slings or their snatch pouches,Maybe that would be a good question for womens health.There are some things that do not need discussing because the answer is just too obvious or because the subject doesn't merit it due to the sensitive nature of the topic and a lady or a gentleman just doesn't talk about things of that nature.I have sunk to your level in order to educate you and I hope that you may now enter into polite society but,somehow I doubt it.
have you ever seen a pendulum?
'Cuz they're always getting caught in our underwear, or hanging where they just aren't comfortable.
Why do women always re-adjust their bra straps?
because if they get stuck to the side of their leg it can be really uncomfortable. my boyfriend told me when i asked the same thing.
Whenever that happens, a man has an erection and his balls shift. This probably happened from looking at you. Congratulations!
Funny answers to pass a boring evening! lol
Sometimes they are in an uncomfortable position. Like woman adjusting the thong wedgie or their breast cups
Many, many, things can happen that make balls need re-adjustment.

1. Stickage. Especially a problem in hot weather.
2. Itch. Balls tend to be itchy on occasion.
3. They just aren't cooperating.
4. We're sitting on them. It is in fact possible and it hurts like hell.
Balls, as you call them, are funny things and quite diverse in their activities. At times they are very firm and tight, and later they are loose, baggy and hang down. When they are spongy they may become entangled in hair or underwear and need repositioned. Same as with loose ones. And them some guys just like to play with them, they are sensitive, you know.
uh they itch they sweat they need air ahaha damn i sat on my left nut today in science lmao and i yelled out when i did
Some times tight fitting clothes or sweaty skin causes them to stick to the leg so they have to adjust them. We always like to shake Mr. Happy and make sure he knows he is special. You know most men name their tools? You know why? We do not want a stranger making most of our decisions for us. I named mine buster.
bc they like stick to you leg when they sweat sometimes they itch and sometimes they stick out of the underwear and get tangled up and its hurts then so we dont sit on them and sometimes bc they get twisted lol
For multiple reasons, and we don't always readjust our balls, only when they need readjusting. A guy will readjust his balls because they could be sticking to his leg, have shifted into an uncomfortable position, might have gotten tangled with underwear, they might have an itch, or some guys might just do it so people will look at them.

because they are there

because it feels good

because they are always flopping out of place

because we want to make people without balls ask why we do it
Sorry! this isnt an answer, but love reading all of them!! I now know why!

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