Why is my penis brown?! I'm white...?

I've have be cronicly caucasian since child birth and my johnson happens to be a dark shade of brown. I have never tanned my neather regions in my life. What's the matter with ****?
Answers:    there's nothing wrong with you or your penis. You just happen to have darker pigmentation than some white guys. If you glance around a locker room, you will notice that all guys have penises that are darker in the shaft skin than their body skin tone. In fact if you see an asian penis it may well appear close to being black.

Just mother nature and her pigmentation paint brush at work down there.
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Check with a skin doctor. It happens sometimes that different parts of the body had sightly different color. No practical consequence but you might face some questions from your partners.
hey it is just u masturbate a lot or have sex a lot the dirt get grounded in Ur skin and it look like a different color it is that same with me
just tell your partner you had skin graph applied..or you got an extension and the only one they had left was the black mans
welcome man, u have joined the brown club.
Wash off your crank when you take it out of the anus and the brown will go away; maybe a brillo pad and some comet.

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