What can I do to make masterbation feel better?

Answers:    Try tying yur nutz really tite
Get a person of the opposite sex to help you with it.
Having someone do it for you
Use some lotion then use a lot of friction!
Lubricate the shaft of your penis with some Vaseline, hand lotion or KY jelly - especially if you're circumcised.
Everything's better when you do it with a friend!
When you are at the point of no return, stop stroking. The climax may last longer.
aren't you satisfied with it the way it is?most men are. in fact they are in heaven while it last
Take your time, enjoy making love to yourself for as long as possible, really relaxing. Also do some good massaging of the area below your balls up to your anus---really a turn on.
do it with your gf
Use your imagination,fantasize...be anyone you wanna be...any size you wanna be...w/ any girl you wanna be...as freaky as you wanna be...anywhere you wanna be...for as long as you want it to last. O.k. .I'll go take a cold shower now! Hope that helps you out!

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