What determines how thick or thin a man's sperm is?

I'm seeking an EDUCATIONAL explanation to why some men have thick white creamy-like sperm and others seem thinner and watery? What causes this and what causes this effect to change if it is possible to change?
Answers:    A guy who hasn't ejaculated in a while will have thicker semen due to a higher sperm count. If he's been ejaculating recently/frequently it will be thinner/more watery.
I guess it's all determine on the diet a man eats.
It all depends on how much water he drinks. The more water..the thinner and more abundent the sperm will be. The less water.the thicker.
On an average, if a man didn't do that kind of thing in > 1 week, chances are, the sperm will be thick white creamy-like. If he do it often, let's say, daily or once every 2 - 3 days, the sperm will be thinner and watery c",)
SPERM are the cells that swim up to fertilize the egg for pregnancy to happen. They are composed of a head, and a tail, shaped somewhat like tadpoles, and contain all the DNA from the father's side.
What you are talking about is SEMEN which is the fluid that the sperm cells are found. It is semen that is expelled when a man ejaculates, and varies from person to person depending on how much fluid the man has had to drink and what he has eaten. It is all individual, and it is not always the same.
The man's lifestyle. If he drinks, does drugs, the way he keeps up his hygiene, and the way he takes care of his self overall. If the man was to change his lifestyle habits, this problem might be easily changed. But there is one more factor. It is also from if a man has just had sex or if he has not had sex in a long period of time. I believe that if a man has sex constantly of different sex partners, it can be very thin and watery. Nine times out of ten, if it is watery, he has just recently had sex. Or if he ejaculates quite frequently it could be watery and thin. If a man has not had sexual intercourse in a period of time, it can be very thick. Or it also depends on if he has a sexually transmitted disease. Watch out and be careful.
Some men are in healthier condition and some have better gene structures. Stopping smoking, drinking and going on a better diet could help.
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