Can you have sex if your paralyzed from the waist down?

Answers:    dude i saw this cute guy in a wheelchair at the mall last night and i was wondering the same thing! i should've asked.
i'm pretty sure you can. are you paralyzed?
if your a man than no! if a girl yes but you wont feal anything
yes you can you are not dead and sex is part of life
Yea you could just lay there and recieve it. But I don't know if you would enjoy it or you might not feel anything or it would feel wierd. I wouldn't try it, why?
I always wondered that too, like how an erection would happen and all of that, and would they feel anything
It depends on why you are paralyzed. If the spinal cord is damaged at a certain level, a man cannot get erections.
Yes. If the paraplegic is a woman, she may require more lubricant, and if they're a man, he may need some sort of shot or other device to achieve an erection. They wouldn't be able to feel anything, but would at least be able to participate.
No you can't a friend of mine is paralized from the waist down, but he takes Viagra to get it up, but doesn't feel a thing
i saw a show on this...yes you can. this lady was having a baby and she was paralyzed from the waist down which was making her pregnancy very difficult and risky.
well a female could have sex but won't feel it.
Only if you get a lap dance or you have some crazy upperbody strength. But it might be difficult.
There are 2 kinds of nerves- motor and sensory.if your sensory nerves are preserved, then you might have perfect sensation, but can'[t move your legs at all.
Some men need artifical means of giving themselves an erection so they can engage in sex after a spinal cord injury.
depends=if its the male who is paralysed nothing will happen at all=if its the female that's paralysed then she cant feel anything at all
My husband is paralyzed from the chest down. He can't feel ANYTHING past his nipples. Every once in a while he will get a hard on and we can have sex. He doesn't feel it but he says his stomach gets all tingly and it feels good to him considering he can't feel anything.
This is a retarded question! Just because someone sits in a chair you nuts think they have nothing to offer anyone! My friend is a very attractive woman who is paralyzed from the waist down. She has been shunned because of her chair her whole life. Men run from her. Scared of the chair. Yes, she can feel sex. She is human, she has the same drives you and I have. Ask something a little more intelligent! She finally has met a man who doesn't see her chair. People are ignorant! They do not look at people in a wheel chair as a real person with real drives and emotions. Yes, sex is possible and very much enjoyed when paralyzed. friend is im not sure if he is completely paralyzed but he cant walk and has a wheelchair, but his g/f is pregnant
No. You can't.

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