Does anybody wear whitey tighties?

hey im still in high school and im black. since im black everybody thinks im supposed to wear boxers. but idont. i wear briefs but when i change i wait for verybody to leave. im on the basketball team and so everybody will laugh at me if they find out. can somebody help!
Answers:    Tighty Whitey, briefs, boxers---who cares?!? Wear what's right for you. Some colors might be kind of fun to wear if you're worried about what other guys in the locker room might say. Try red, black, navy, stripes!
yeah, but i call them tighty color, stripes, etc..

not becouse im not black,

Is that ok to say?

I dont mean to Imus you
I do. They're about all I wear. I find them more comfortable, but sometimes I wear boxers over them anyway.
Maybe you could try a different color other than white. You might get teased, which really doesn't make sense. The best thing I can think of is to just be confidant. If they make fun of you, throw it back at them. Let them know that that is what's comfortable to you, or maybe jokingly pick on them for wearing boxers. That's the best solution I can think of: confidance.
I always tell people who criticize the way I dress that when they begin buying my clothes they may have a say in what I wear but,until then to mind their own God damned business.Wear what you are comfotable with.I hope this will help.

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