Boxers, Underwear, and Locker Room?

I wear underwear because they are comfortable and I like them. However, nearly every boy in my school wears boxers. They think whoever wears underwear is gay. For example, they found out that one boys wore underwear and he was marked gay. I have been hiding that i wear underwear for two years by putting on my gym shirt first in the locker room, since it cover my underwear. I was hoping in High School that gay underwear thing would be gone, sicne we have to take showers. Do you have any suggestions how I should hide my underwear or what I should do if they find out or about anything else?
Answers:    That just goes to show how stupid people are in high school. And just to clarify boxers are underwear too. But yea. Don't worry about it. Just wear whatever you want. Don't conform. If they label you as gay then just deal with it, don't conform to them. Seriously, do you WANT to be like them?
just get a boxer
you are who you are. wear what u want when u want! if they dont like it tell them not to look then x
God, I don't miss High School..! Chief, it gets better in college, I swear.
Instead of the plain boxers, how about boxer briefs.
if someone questions your manhood straighten them out immediately.
yes.. u should put/ "wear" the underwear on the heads of those who said ppl wearing underwears are gay..
may b they r bloody gay whowear boxers and try to cover they r gay
you should try boxer briefs, maybe not as comfortable to you, but a compromise between the two that don't seem as gay. If they do raz you, you could fire back with "why are you lookin' at my underwear, are you jealous? maybe you're the gay one." kids can be mean, but if you stand up for yourself and not show weakness, they will prolly back down.
wear boxers over your underwear or just try boxers better for you anyway. Let your boys free!
How about trying boxer briefs? They are comfy like underwear but have a more "guy-ish" look to them. I cant believe the silly things teens say these days. Wearing underwear is a sign you are gay? Im sure there are plenty of gay men that wear well as underwear.
I am glad to hear that peer pressure is as simple as "underwear" these days. It could be much worse. Dont sweat the small things, and why should you hide who you are and what you wear? Wear the underwear if thats what you are comfortable have to be positive about who you are and not give in to the crap others think. Think about the boxer briefs if you really cant deal with the crap. But dont lose sight in who you are and what you want for yourself. When high school is over you will see how silly all this is and that there are much bigger things to worry over. Good Luck!!
i really dont know what u mean by underwear? a male only wears boxers or jockey shorts. this is a preference some guys like to be free so they wear boxers. others like to show the physique and wear jockey shorts. but if ur wearing ladies underwear stop and wear male shorts no problem man.
I can uderstand that you wouldn't won't want to go through that. Man kids are so silly in school right? Things like this can really mess a person up for life. Honestly, just to avoid the drama i'd recommend that you buy a pack of boxers. Make sure they don't look new ya know like they just cam out the pack and they need ironing lol. When ya change in the locker room put a pair on, just to front but you could still wear your real underwear underneath those boxers.then when u get home take them off. Hope i helped some. Good Luck to you.
I am so happy to be old sometimes. It is none of their business. Stand tall, walk proud, and wear what you like. As for labels ignore them. Just tell them that since you are bigger than normal you need the support of a brief. Or say "Did know you where interested in what hangs between my legs, that is so gay." Or just walk away shaking your head and be sure your girl friend meets you out side the locker room door.
i disagree with all the responses urging you to try boxer underwear. if that's not your preference, stick with the briefs. who decided briefs were gay anyway? i grew up wearing fruit of the loom briefs. boxer wearers were few.
i wouldn't hide the briefs at all. they're not gay at all. if you wore a speedo tight brief i'd say there's reason for the name calling.
simply wearing briefs is not a reason to suspect someone is gay. it's absurd!
how would the guys react if your choice was NO underwear?
that's letting loose more than what a boxer could do.
don't let is get to you. peer pressure does get better the older you become.
you could also tell the guys that your g/f prefers briefs so that's why you wear them. that would make many of them jealous that you and your g/f are intimate enough to be talking about underwear. if you're talking about underwear, then you could be one of the lucky guys----SCORING!
high school is a very rough place, i think i would have worn boxers in my days if i had your case just to avoid problems, now its easier for me to let people think what they want, i do wear uncommon underwear (some people associate it with being gay, but i have a wife, a daughter and a lot of interest on women) and i change while at the gym but i dont care what people think and not to many people is looking for problems at my age (im 30) so noone says anything (maybe the fact that i weigh over 230 lbs helps too)
I used to get made fun of for a lot of things in high school (but never about underwear).

So here's a question for you--how long has this taunting been going on? If it's only recent, then they'll get bored with making fun of you about it after a week or two. By then, they might have found something else to focus on, but whatever.

Point is, when people make fun or accuse you of being gay because of something like that, it's most likely them feeling uncomfortable about something and they have to make others feel worse to feel good about themselves.

I hope this helps. Just be true to yourself, and try not to let others opinions get to you.
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