Average Waist Size For a 15 year old boy?

my waist size is like a 30.. my wieght yo yos from like 135 to 140 , is this normal? is it to much? I try to do atleast 70 situps a day and lift wieghts, I try to run but i get bored and dont run as far as i should. Im not very tall, idk exactly but above 5'5 and below 5'9
Answers:    That's normal. When I was that age, I was about as tall as you are but pretty overweight -- like between 160 and 180 lbs. I had about a 36" waist. Now I'm 5'8"-ish and I'm trying to gain weight. (I only weigh 140 lbs! My waist is 32" at the moment, but I wear 34" pants because 32" pants aren't as comfortable.) It's good to see that you're exercising. It's normal for your weight to go up or down a few pounds too, because what you eat and drink has some weight to it. When you go to the bathroom, you will weigh less afterward. Just eat lots of healthy food, keep up the exercise, and sleep well, and you'll be just fine. Good night!
That's probably about normal. When I was 15 I was about 5'10" and like 150, so a little taller and a little heavier.and I'm damn skinny, so I'd say you have nothing to worry about.
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