when i havent ejaculated in a couple of weeks.. my semen comes out thick and chunky what causes that.?

Answers:    Don't worry, it is normal. Especially if you already have a thick-like semen.

First of all, semen does vary in texture, color, quantity, etc. Some guys produce super thick white cream while others seem to be almost like water. It is normal to have quastions bout the texture of semen, especially when you think yours may be odd and different from what is considered the "norm".

Myself, I thought I was sterile because I am cursed with the water-like semen texture. But a few trips to the fertility clinic prooved me wrong; not all men are created equal!

Since you worry about the "chunks" in your semen, I will explain a little something to you, if you don't mind me taking up some time! When I began shooting p*rn, I thought my own semen was way too clear and liquid-like to be "worthy" of being filmed, so I began to work on thickening my loads. After my diet, supplements, and body adapted to this new regime, I discovered that my ejaculations had also slightly changed; the first portion of my "shootings" appear to be much thicker, much whiter, and yes even some wee bit of "chunks", than the latter which becomes more thin and liquid.

I also only ejaculate once every 2 to 3 days, and the longer I wait before ejaculation, the "chunkier" my semen appears to be. Well at the very least, the few couple of shots appear to leave a slightly chunkier part of semen than the latter which becomes more and more liquid as I ejaculate.

At first I was worried because I thought this was a side effect to the new diet and lifestyle I had adopted in order to enhance my volume and thickness but after some research, I discovered it was actually normal, and most probably the "chunks" were older semen stored in me, which mixed with the newer material made a different texture.

To those who may think this is gross: this is actually painless. The so-called "chunks" could also be described as some type of Jell-o like texture, but of a white-ish clear color. Doesn't feel different at all when I ejaculate, but once I am finished and actually look at the stuff, I often find one or two "globs" mixed with the other semen.

So I would have to answer to you that it is normal, and don't worry. If you think it could be serious, I do suggest you seek advice from a doctor.

Hope this has helped!
Seek medical advice.. not a public online advice board!
it only means you dont have a steady relation yet dont push it it will happen
If you ejaculate often, your body will not be able to make as much semen as when you wait a little longer. I don't think I've ewer waited a couple of weeks though, don't you ever jerk off?

By the way, the body will also produce more (and more healthy) semen when you are unfaithful, as that increases the chances of you producing offspring with her (you already have pretty good chances with your "partner").
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