what will happen if you don't get stitches for a deep laceration?

Answers:    It will still heal, but u will just have an uglier scar.
You risk infection, and it will definately leave a scar.
It could get infected and leave a ugly nasty scar.
Umm, bleeding to death would definately ruin your day. :)
a very visual scar but you cant wait to long to get stitches either.
It will take a lot longer for it to heal, and you will end up with a prominent scar. Also, you will be more susceptable to infections.
Big ole nasty scar.
it heals very slowly and looks gross, and the risk of infection goes up, because it's open longer.
The would may not heal properly. This can result in greater scarring, longer healing time and a greater risk of infection.
I cut my hand while washing a wine glass and didn't get stitches even though I needed them (didn't have health ins, so I didn't go to the Doctor).

Keep the area clean and try to put the skin back together (get those butterfly bandaids to keep the skin together) so it will heal properly. Get some first aid ointment to put on it. Cover it with gauze to keep out bad things, but make sure you wash and clean it every day.

I did that and I can't see where the cut was. I did eventually go to the infirmary on campus (I was a student at the time). I would suggest if the cut is very deep, to go to the free clinic in your area or go to the doctor if you have health insurance. They'll probably give you a tetnus shot and some antibiotics to prevent infection. That is what they did for me.
a scar
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