How much do hydrocodone cost on the street and do people sell them?

Answers:    Cost varies.except the cost of addiction, going to jail or possibly dying from fake drugs.end of lecture.

And yes people sell them but you knew this or why would you have ask the street price? You think pharmacists sell them on the street for some extra bucks?
I would not recommend that you purchase street drugs. Here's why:

1. You do not know where your source got the medication.
2. You are putting yourself in danger, healthwise
3. You will invariably get ripped off by the seller.
4. You have no idea if you are actually buying the 'medicine'. For all you know, you could be dupped into fakes.

Advice: Please seek help from a healthcare professional.
2-5- dollars a piece depending on what the miligrams are and yes people sell them
In my area, I've heard the one hydrocodone pill costs $8 on the street.

I also advise against buying street drugs. If you see your doctor and they prescribe hydocodone to you the cost will be around $10-$15 for 30 tablets at most pharmacies. Plus it's legal and you are consuming exactly what you think.

Street drugs are often counterfeit. Even if they are real, you will get arrested for having an illegal substance without a prescription.

If you truly have a medical need, your doctor will write the presciption. Additionally, doctors are trained; some folks find they get more relief from a muscle relaxant than from a pain killer.

Don't be dumb, don't risk going to jail. Do it the right way and seek professional medical care.
Of course people sell it on the streets. It is a very addictive drug. Vicodin to those of you who don't know it by hydrocodone.

I wouldn't buy anything off the street. That is a quick way to kill yourself. If you need a drug that bad, go to your doctor. If you are addicted,seek help, it only gets worse and will ruin your life. Your doctor will help you wean off the drug.
if you only knew of the hell of being addicted to painpills were you wouldnt have half the interest

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