I have a boil that recently drain pus out but now it looks infected can u help me?

basically after it drain it left a little hole there that is red the boil is right below my belly button. I do keep peroxide on there mutiple times a day i guess that helps fight the infection i hop. my wife told me dont keep the bandade on there tight cause that keeps the infection in.
so i keep it loose to let air in get in . so far i been using a toothpick to help clean out the area im just wondering is it just like a minor cut that will heal in a week or so or should i be really worried ? what types of things do u think the doctor will do to me to help? it doesnt hurt,no tenderness no pain at all just looks like when u tear your scab off after a accident thank you
Answers:    I would go get it checked by a physician just to be on the safe side to make sure all the crap is out of it. If it looks like it is getting infected, they may give you a course of antibiotics. Personally, I would start taking some garlic tablets to help reduce the infection. It is amazing what garlic will help to cure.
Polysporin and Neosporin are two excellent over the counter creams to fight infection.
They are loaded with topical anti-biotics.
i would say only clean it 2-3 time a day and pit ointment on it but you can also go to webmd and find info on it.
Be careful honey! I had two on the back of my leg that I let go too long before going to a doctor and then he put me on two different antibiotics and told me to put warm, hot compresses on it. I did for about a week and they got worse. I also tried to pop them and squeeze some of the pus out, which came out and came out. Well, I ended up having to go to the ER and they admitted me. It ended up being a STAPH infection. I hope that is not what you have, but it does help draw the pus out using warm compresses. You need to get a hand towel or wash cloth and wet them with warm water then put them in the microwave for a minute or so and then put it on the spot for as long as you can tolerate it. Good luck!
I would try putting on some garlic oil and it is sure to heal. Also you could even take some garlic capsules by mouth to help from the inside. Garlic oil can be bought in capsules in stores everywhere. Just prick the capsule with a pin and squeeze it onto the sore. Should work miracles for ya! Good Luck!
if infected you may need to see a doctor..the least I would
do is put neosporin on it ..and drink more water. with
sea salt and increase my vitamin C to raise my resistance.
neosporin...that always helps me
First some information about peroxide; it uses oxygen to work, so when you see the bubbles, oxygen is being pulled from the surrounding wound. It takes oxygen for healing to take place. If you continue to use hydrogen peroxide it could cause necrosis of the tissue. (cell death)

Use a triple antibiotic about twice a day after cleansing. I would use witch hazel for an antiseptic.

Never pick at it especially with a tooth pick, you are just adding bacteria to the wound.

If there is a hardened area around the wound that is raised, you already stated red, and the pus is yellow or green, it is probably already infected beyond over the counter meds. Recommend going to see MD.
You need to be treated by a doctor. You may have cellulitis which is a potentially serious bacterial infection of your skin. Cellulitis appears as a swollen, red area of skin that feels hot and tender. It needs to be treated with oral antibiotics. My recommendation would to be seen my a doctor ASAP.
I work in an ER and have seen a few boils. Many of our docs cut open the boils and drain all the pus and blood by squeezing it out. Second the doc packs it with sterile idophor guaze to soak up all the pus and blood it can absorb leaving a small tip out so the next doc can remove it easily and make an assesment as to how much blood and puss was sucked up. Apply some antibacterial ointment over the site. Alot of times it means an infection is or has occurred in the body and a doc or surgeon should be called to treat or remove it depending on how deep. Please follow up with a doc. I hope this info helps
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