Feel like I don't get enough air? breathing problems?

Every once in a while I feel like when I breathe in I can't fill my lungs to full capacity. I feel like I have to constantly take deep breaths. Every once in a while I feel like I get a full breath but the majority of them I just feel like I can't take in enough air...

Can someone explain to me what this possibly could be. I looked up asthma symptoms and I don't think they match up exactly... someone said allergies maybe but wouldn't I have a runny nose and all the itchy eyes and stuff to go along with it??
Answers:    I'm not a doctor, but three of my children have asthma, and they all have different symptoms. One of the symptoms my oldest daughter has is that she can't catch her breath when she is exercising or gets too cold. My 14 year old son gets croupy/cough symptoms. My 8 year old has an asthma attack and can't catch his breath when he crys or gets angry. My doc told me that asthma shows up in many different ways, depending on the person. I'd sure check with my doctor. He/she should be able to get to the bottom of this.
I have HUGE anxiety issues & when I do I can't breathe. It's usually comes about because I feel someone's hurt me, lied to me or when I'm really afraid to talk to someone or about something. During these times I can't breathe & it's very scary. More than anything it sounds like that more than a physical problem, either way it's an issue that you doctor should be made aware of. Good luck!

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