Is my arm broken or strained??

I fell yesterday at aound 2:30p.m and it had been well over 24 hours since then. When i fell, i flew about 4 feet through the air and landed smack on my arm. i dont remember anything snapping, but i do remember intense pain that didnt ease up until overnight, when i woke up this morning. i couldnt move my arm at all yesterday, but now i can, some, just not a very big range. when i let my arn hang to my side, its crooked. it is swolen, and the over area where it hurts, it is significantly warmer than the other arm. It hurts with every small movement, but some hurt worse than others. i know for a fact its not broken, but maybe a hairline fracture? what are symptoms of an arm strain?
Answers:    Ha I had the same problem except I broke mine in football. Ok heres the symptoms. If you can't rotate your arm (Meaning like being able to twist it, I'm not talking about waving it or moving it up or down) and/or it hurts way to much to do so then theres a definite break. Also press on the thumb of your broken arm for a couple of seconds, if the color doesn't return as fast as the other's arm's thumb then theres another sign. It's most likely just a hairline fracture as my arm fits your description perfectly. You better go to the hospital or you have a risk of it healing back up deformed. You can leave it alone and still be alright, just you want be able to twist your arm as much as you use too and it will probably be deformed. Your choice, I'd go with hospital.

It doesn't have to snap to mean its broken, mine didn't snap or make any sounds at all. I was playing in a rainy muddy Thursday game, slipped (along with the center who I'm suppose to get through who weighed over 300 lbs...) fell, caught myself with my right arm only out of instant reaction, then the center fell on me...I was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Not only did I fall on my arm wrong, but it got forced into the ground with lots of weight and pressure. The same concept probably applies to you since you fell from 4ft high and had your arm take that force, gravity, and pressure.
Definately sounds like bone injury to me.

Warmth, pain, immobility, duration of symptoms.

Take that to the doc. You don't want it healing weird and permanently reducing your abilities.
See an MD immediately. Does not seem like a sprain. Could be a hairline fracture.
From what you have described I would take myself to the ER,now ASAP to have it X-rayed.There is no other way to know for sure,delaying treatment for a fractured bone is not a smart thing to do! Forget about symptoms and the "just" a hairline fracture bull sh--,you can't possibly know that,unless you have X-ray vision,stop being a "moron" and get your butt to the ER. SW FNP
I think you should go to the doctor and have that checked out. Anytime you are not sure and if it is an injury to your body, better safe then sorry. And if having no insurance is an issue. Sometimes you can go to the er and hae it billed, still a bill but you can get taken care of.
It is probably fractured. You need xrays and a doctor to set it. It is a fallacy that you can't move a broken limb. Go and get it taken care of.

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