Is it possible to burn your throat with hot coffee?

And if so, what does it feel like afterwards (like a day or two afterwards)? I had a hot coffee Friday afternoon and burnt my tongue, then Saturday I woke up and my throat hurt and has been itchy for 36 hours now. My burnt tongue is feeling fine now, but after all, that's one of the quickest healing parts of the body. Is my sore throat from the hot coffee and burning my esophagus?
Answers:    A burn in your throat shouldn't last that long. It could be a sore throat or irritation from the weather.
yes...y did u just do it?
If the coffee you drank went as far into your throat before you spit it out, then you probably burned ur esophagus. Usually people spit it out becuase it burns them BEFORE it reaches the throat. Basically most people spit it out when its burning instead of swallowing.
Yes. Consult a doctor today.

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