Does alcohol really come out through the pores?

After a hard night of drinking, some say that the smell comes out of your pores. This doesn't seem right to me, as alcohol generally leaves the body through the lungs. Is that just nasty breath that one smells on a drunk?
Answers:    The skin is the biggest organ of elimination. you can smell alcohol coming out of someone Through their pores.
Your sweat is what you smell.
all i know is that it dehydrates you, making your skin look dry OR extremely oily as a result. try looking it up.
some of the stuff in beer comes out but the alcohol part of the beer does not come out
yep, if you drink too much it'll make you smell. trust me, go into a gym with a football team on a sunday morning. they stink
Alcohol is processed by your liver, not lungs, and you pee it out. Excess alcohol also leaves your body via the pores, and other people can smell it.
If you work in an office, your coworkers can smell you a mile away and know you drink. Trust me
I have sit at the bed side of an alcoholic when he was admitted to the hospital because his body couldn't handle the amount of alcohol he had be drinking. I took a cotton ball and whipped green stuff that was coming out of his pores because his liver couldn't filter out his blood any more. Please if you love someone tell them to stop drinking or if it is you please stop before it kills you to.
The majority of the smell that you describe comes from the lungs and from the stomach when you burp.
yes it really does!! it comes out with water and other crap in your system, sweat urine and breath all pass alcohol

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