I have a handicap parking permit I was told that I could not park their any more. It expries in 2009 ?

I was in a very bad accident two years ago and I spent a lot of time in the hospital. I could not use my entire left side. I was issiued a premment handicap parking permit. It has been two years and I've gotten better and on Thursday 07,2006 I was told that the Handicap parking is for our patient who has a walker, a cain. Now I have all of these and I have used them all and more. I have been in physical therapy every day for two years yes I've gotten better but I feel that no one has the right to tell me where to park when I have a legal parking permit that was issiued by the D.P.S. of Texas.
Answers:    You were issued a permanent disabled placard by the Department of Motor Vehicles in your state from the evidence submitted by your physician. Since January 1992, the state Vehicle Code states that from then on, all new or replaced blue signs posted in these parking stalls are to refer to it as "disabled persons" rather than "physically handicapped persons" because being disabled is not limited to physical impairments that use a wheelchair, walker, cain, etc.
The only authority who can stop you from parking in that stall is the Department of Motor Vehicles. Even if the police said they didn't think you were disabled enough for its use, they have to go through the DMV and then the DMV makes a determination, not the police. Not some employee at your physical therapy clinic nor any business or city parking-lot security patrol. Only the DMV because that permanent placard belongs to them.

They may revoke or cancel it if they determined you fraudulently obtained it or it was issued in error;
or if the fee was not paid; or if you allowed your vehicle to display the placard & park in a disabled stall with a friend driving and you were not with them; if you sold it to another party; and finally, if the DMV determines you are deceased.

Legislative Findings and Intent (from the DMV's Vehicle Code): The legislature finds and declares the following:
a) Two and a half million people in most states suffer from some form of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Those persons who are not in wheelchairs have difficulty walking long distances.
b) Encouraging those with physical disabilities to engage in activities outside the home promotes better health and self-esteem, lowering health costs to the state and individual parties.
c) Placing disabled person parking spaces closest to the main entrances of buildings does not cost taxpayers, but provides accessibility to the disabled.

You were given a permanent disability parking placard from your doctor's records and approved by the state DMV. It is valid until 2009, whereupon it is renewable.
Except for the DMV, no one has the right to tell you that you may not use it--whatever their opinions or feelings may be. If you choose to park in a public stall further away, that is your decision. You are not depriving anyone out of anything. Other disabled drivers and disabled passengers with placards are well aware that there are only a handful of disabled stalls to park in and sometimes they are full. That is not your fault nor theirs. They wait until a spot is vacant and then park.
Disabled persons come in all different ways, there is no way to judge or determine whether someone is not disabled because he/she does not have a wheelchair or in a van with a loading ramp. I have seen people with permanent placards pull up in Corvettes, Mercedes-Benz, trucks, and walk to the door unaided. All placards have a permanent serial number that identifies to whom it was given, their address, drivers license #, vehicle license # too. The penalties for misuse are steep enough that it is not a common crime.
My suggestion to you is to continue to use your disabled placard as you have been, and should someone challenge your right to it, I would encourage him/her to call the local police to settle the matter or that you will call the police yourself because you are being harrassed.
you are right, as long as you have the permit, you can park in a handicap space.
Of course people don't have the legal right to tell you this, but I do understand the feeling. I have many times been at the grocery store and you see someone that is perfectly fine getting out of the car. Whether the plates are for their spouse or whatever I don't care. It is the principle. Park there if you need it, not simply becuase you can. It is obviously legal.
If you have a valid up to date parking permit, you can park in any designated handicapped parking space. The decision for getting a handicapped parking permit was made between you, your doctor and your state. No one else can tell you that you can't park in a space just because you are walking without help.
if you are better and can walk without the cain and walker then you should be nice enough to allow the person who still HAS to walk with the cain or walker park there so they dont have to walk a mile, you can walk without one so it isn't going to hurt you to walk. when you walked with the cain would you like it if someone who didn't have to walk with cain to park i a spot that would make it easier for you!? i'm sorry if i sounded harsh
Just because you walk without assistance from a walker etc. doesn't mean you aren't handicapped to some degree. I hate people who think you can look at someone and tell if they are handicapped. I think you should go to the mgmt of the place that told you that and explain the sit. It may just be on ridiculous a- hole that works there.
If your permit is still valid, legally you can use it, but morally, it you no longer need it, you should give it up. There are people who need that space.
There is one way to stop these people who told you that you cannot use the handicap parking anymore...tell them only once that you have a handicap parking permit Issued by the state of Texas and that you will park there...tell them if they bother you again ..you will sue... damn those people.

As for as they know..you still have problems..

"O" Wise One..says sue.
If there is alternative close parking then use it. If there is none use the handi cap. If they give you ticket just have it sgbed off at the police dept.
whoever issue the permit need to be notified
shame on you if your abusing the tags.The doctor should report you or take the tags from you !
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