Cut on my tongue?

I have this big scrape/cut on my tongue
no idea how i got it
but it really hurts to eat and talk and even when my mouth is just closed I need to be careful my tongue is in a comfortable position cause if it touches the sides it hurts so bad
the cut is on the side of my tongue
I have a job interview tomorrow and I cant even talk right
is there anythin to make it better its already been 4 days and i dont see it gettin better
Answers:    use tyenol and then put that numbing oitment for your gums on it. i really hope you get better and get the job!! :-)
Tylenol will help with the pain.
Otherwise, avoid spicey foods and food with salt. Avoid all hot items until it heals. It could take a week or more for your tongue to heal.

Get better soon!
rinse your mouth with salt water or peroxide =be sure not to swallow either one
explain to them the situation when you get there they'll understand. oh by the way are supposed to lick the side of a knife not the edge you idiot!!
try going 2 the doctor or pharamacy before the interview because u dont want it be get invefcted
well are you sure it's not a canker sore? go to the drug store and get a numbing medicine you can put it right on the cut and it takes the pain away. ask the pharmacist. it's not expensive either.
Orabase. I think you can get it at walgreens or CVS, but just COVER the cut and all around it. it numbs the pain, and your tounge will feel wird but at least you can get throught your interview. if you want something better, go to your orthodontist/dentist and ask if they have something to numb the pain. I think they give you stuff called hurricane or something, thats what they gave me.
This sounds gross, but gargle with some salt water, then gargle with some hydrogen peroxide. It will hasten the healing by getting rid of mouth germs. Also, there is a canker sore medicine that you can spread over the sore and it will actually cover it and keep it from getting more sore by rubbing against the teeth. Its like a protective barrier. I wish I knew the name of it, but I don't...I am sure if you ask a pharmacist he/she will know. good luck on the interview!
Jeez man, quit stickin your toungue in strange places!! Meanwhile rinse with salt water, may sting but will help. If you've got the balls, rinse with peroxide . hurts like a BITC* but works wonders, just DON'T SWALLOW and rinse repeatedly with water after you are done. good luck
The best way to heal any mouth injury is usually just rinsing with salt water every night before bed. It should heal quickly and you'll be back to normal in no time.
see a doctor. it might be a serious infection.
call your doctor. they usually don't charge for semi-emergencies like that. or at least some don't anyway. see what he/she says.

as for your interview, you might want to call them and say you are very willing to join their company, however you will need to reschedule it due to a medical emergency. see if that's ok.

are you one of those people who gnaw while they are sleeping? i know my sister does that. maybe that's how you got your cut.

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