My elbow won't heal.?

Three weeks ago,I slammed my elbow into a door frame. The bone took the impact straight on. It still hurts when I lean on it or even rub it. When I lean on my elbow, it feeks like there is a marble rolling under it, yet I can't see any swelling. Anyone know what is wrong?
Answers:    You really should go to a doctor and have some x-rays taken. The pain sounds like you have a bone bruise, which would be a typical occurrence with this type of injury. The marble-like feeling could be a bone chip or fragment of bone; so you need to have that looked at. Good luck.
See a doctor.

They could tell you more than any of us every could.
Sounds to me like perhaps you have a bone chip in there. X-Rays will tell you for sure. Good Luck
for Gods sake keep the thing out of your ear.
It seems like you have tennis elbow. That marble rolling thing scared me at first..but it just ended up healing on its own. I would recommend going to the doctor just in case you dont have any tears of the tendon.
Sounds like a fracture or a bruised tendon. In either case, you should get it xrayed just to be certain which it is. As for the pain take two alleve each day for two weeks. If it doesn't go away then definitely go to the doctor. That would mean that your inflamation is persistent and you should have it looked at. If you hav a problem with pain killers or are a hemopheliac forget the alleve and just get the xray straight off.
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