How can I make itchy tick bites heal faster?

Tick bites are an occupational hazard for me. Aside from the pain of Lyme's disease or Rocky mountain spotted fever, these little things itch like hell and take forever to heal. Any idea on how to make them stop itching and heal faster?
Answers:    Colgate toothpaste will relieve it instantly, or Listerine, orajel, preparation H,Vicks vapor rub, Miracle whip or Ivory soap.
benadryl, bacatracin.
caladryl lotion.
I have found some relief from gnat bites using waterless hand cleaner. It might work for tick bites as well.
You can stop the itching with a general anti-histamine. You can buy this from pharmacies in a tablet form which you take in advance of getting bitten or as a cream which you apply directly to the affected area.

There's not a great deal you can do to speed up the healing but the use of an anti-histamine means you will have a much smaller reaction and the healing time will be quicker anyway. Just keep the affected areas clean and avoid scratching.

If it's a major problem then use both the cream and tablets. This is what I do when in mosquito infested areas and find it works very well.
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