What does it mean to get your cherry popped??

Answers:    for a girl to loose her virginity. don't ask me why, but when a girl gets her hymen ripped (or "popped") and it bleeds some clever weirdo came up with the term popping the cherry.
That a girl has lost her virginity.
a girl loses her virginity
to lose your virginity
buster hymen
uh, if you are a virgin and it's your first time, it's called "popping the cherry."
losing your virginity!! popppppp!
ahhh geez i hope your of legal age, but since your asking this im assuming not, it means when a female has sex for the first time and she bleeds= cherry popped=blood
For a girl to have sex for the 1st time and lose her virginity. Cherry popping is referred to when the girl bleeds from losing her virginity and the hymen is broken.
to lose your virginity. specifically referring to the breaking of the hymen.
...you are a female that just lost her virginity !
It means to lose your virginity. Usually, the first time a girl has sex, she bleed because the hyman is ripped, and immature boys decided to call it popping the cherry
someone to lose your virginity..like on myspace. when they say i popped your myspace cherry.it means they'ere the first ones to leave a comment.
Old term for a female losing her virginity.
here.gimme your address so i can show you moron...
for a girl to get her virginity you know,,,, demolished.

you shouldn't be asking that I believe young friend.
A woman's vagina has a small bubble of blood in a capsule so to speak. During first intercourse, the bubble is popped and small amount of red blood comes, hence the name.
it is when a girl looses her virginity. When a girl's hymen is torn blood comes out. her cherry is popped. its kinda gross actually
It's a slang term for "losing your virginity".

If someone says "have you had your cherry popped?" They are asking if you have had sex for the first time.

If someone says "I popped so-and-so's cherry" They are saying they were the first person to have sex with so-and-so.

It has become a term used for the losing of virginity of both women and men.

To those who are reporting this as promoting porn, it's very important that young adults understand what these terms mean. It can get them into more trouble not knowing.
when a girl loses her virginity; when a girl is fu*ked for the first time, her cherry is "popped"
what a question? just how old are you it means she was a virgin and has never been with anyone before she lost her virginity to you it means to a girl it's someting special for the first time for the right guy to give that up so if you don't love that person leave her alone
It is when someone steals the cherry off your sundae.
It refers to the tearing of the hymen and resultant bleeding when a female has sexual intercourse for the first time.

That phrase is soooooo old school. I wasn't aware that kids used it anymore. That phrase was out when I was in high school...20 years ago.
for a girl to lose her virginity retard

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