Why do ant bites hurt so bad?

because i had to stand at my door
in the middle of the night wearing flip flops
and ants were biting my toes and my ankles and under my feet and everywhere and when i got inside i wiped them off but it still hurt like crap like 5 minutes afterwards!
Answers:    I'm actually allergic to certain ants, and know their bite when those ants bite me.

One sign of being allergic to insect bites is a line of red running from the bite towards the chest area. (Or at least that's one of my signs.)

It's all in the chemicals they have in their body.

When you get in an ant bed they go into defense naturally.

Get out of the ant bed or line, and stomp them off of you.
A good deal will fall off, others will hang on.

Those that hang on you should brush off with your hands. Stomp some more, and you have to be sure to move some more, as to get away from the ants you've just stomped off.

Also check yourself or whomever may have gotten into the ants, to see if there are any lingering ants, that may have made their way up or into your clothes. As ant bites in other places are known to happen, by an ant that has gotten past being stomped or swept away.

Rubbing the bites with alcohol and then not touching them, will stop the itching. Let the alcohol dry on your skin.

If the ants have gotten into your shoes, take them off and bump them on the ground.
Both sides, top and bottom. Then move the shoes away from those ants. Place the shoes/socks/clothes, somewhere away from the last spot and lay them down so the ants can crawl off of them.
they were probably army ants=were they large ones=asking as the little ones don't bite

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