What happens if you pop your bones of your back and your neck?

its because i cant stop popping them. everyday i just have to pop them even my fingers too. its a habit and i dont know how to stop. Help!
Answers:    You should be okay popping your joints back in place, I do it all of the time, when I can't get into my chiropracter. The popping noise that you hear is the pockets between your joints that are filled with air. That is what we call air pockets, so when you pop ur back or fingers, toes, it will not cause arthiritis. So you are safe on that. It is an old wives tale that if you crack her nuckles and such it will cause such a thing. It isn't true, it is simply that there is air pockets between your joints. I have fibromyalgia in my back so , i do alot of twisting and turning to pop my neck and back in place. As a matter of fact I do alot of popping through out the day, just to relieve pain, and irriatation.You just need to be careful , and not let someone who doesn't know what they are doing pop you. You should never allow someone to pop your neck, unless he is professional and never allow anyone to pop your back, especially right on the spine. If you are going to have your back popped lay on a flat surface, not the bed, but on a hard floor with arms to the side or out in from of you, and allow the person to rub your back first to loosen u up, and have them put the palms of there hands along side of your spine and push, REPEAT DO NOT PUSH ON THE SPINE, AS THIS CAN CAUSE DAMAGE.
love a good pop.

and a good plop.
It realigns your vertebra which have slide slightly out of place and releases air bubbles which have built up and causes pain. You could go to a chiropractor and have it done safely.
Why would you want to stop if its giving you relief. May be it will even warm you up a little.

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