How do muscle relaxers make you feel?

got them a while back because i tend to sleep wrong at night, and wake up with a bad neck ache. i need to take one but im scared of how its going to make me feel. wandering if they make you feel drowsy, clumsy, etc..thanks
Answers:    Yes, they can make you feel drowsy and they usually do affect coordination. When you take them plan on not going any where for a while until you know how you will react to them. This especially means NO DRIVING! I have stopped using muscle relaxers for my chronic pain because I wake up with a foggy feeling in my head, and I cannot focus or think clearly for at least a day after I take them. For me, it takes at least 2-3 days to feel "normal" again, but this does not happen in everyone. Basically, use caution and let your doctor know if they are affecting you in a less than favorable way.
You might feel some drowsiness, but if you take it before bedtime, you should sleep well.

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