How long to recover from carpal tunnel surgery?

My friend is in full time school. She has been on the waiting lsit here in New Zealadn to have the carpal tunnel surgery done. the hospital just let ehr know that she can have the surgery doen this Thursday.

Would it be possible to have both hands done at once or should she have one done at a time? if she does have one done at a time, how long is the recovery period? Would she be house ridden or could she still go to school with one hand bandaged up?

Should she drop down to part time study?
Answers:    it is not wise to have both hands operated on at the same time. unless she has a personal slave that will attend to her every need (wiping her bottom, picking her nose, etc), she will have a difficult time for a while.

the only "recovery" will essentially be from the surgical incision of the skin and soft tissue. this is somewhat variable. some people in couple of days will be using the hand without "much" problems, others may take 2 to 3 weeks. it will take longer to be able to lift anything heavy. one can not damage anything by moving as long as pain is tolerable. depending on the surgeon, one usually waits 1-3 months before proceeding to the other hand, essentially until the first hand is "100%". the true "recovery" from the underlying problems of numbness and pain can take longer depending on how badly the nerve (median nerve) was compressed.

she probably does not need to "drop down to part time study" from this procedure. she'll get around fine with the operative hand in bandage.
good luck
I don't think you can have both hands done at once. I've had both hands done a seperate times and you need a free hand to be able to do things. Simple chores like brushing your teeth or wiping yourself after you go to the bathroom get a little difficult. You'll only be house ridden for a couple of days but recovery time is about 6 weeks. I was out for nearly 6 months from work but I'm an exception. Physical therapy can be scheduled and school wouldnt be too hard to attend. You wont be able to carry books with your hand for a while. I had severe carpal tunnel and after the surgery I have moderate after all my surgeries.

Good Luck to your friend!
It depends on what you call recovering. She will be over the surgery in about three weeks. She needs to understand that this surgery does not completely "fix" the problem always. She should definitely not have both done at one time. If she is having surgery on Thursday, she should be able to return to school on Monday. She will still be in pain, but it will be bearable.

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