Should you keep a burn covered in order to heal or let it air out?

Answers:    That all depends on how severe the burn is and where it is. Most first degree burns do not require a dressing. If it is a 2nd or 3rd degree burn, you should see a doctor so that he can prescribe treament. You don't want to get an infection!
You should keep it covered for a few days to avoid infection and wants it starts to get a scab you can let it air out.
If you cover it make sure it has time to breathe to. Try not to apply so much pressure though cause it will hurt if you do believe me ^^
on and off..first day keep it covered but you do want to to breath so covered it when you are active and uncover it when you are chillin'
If it is not infected (red or draining wound,) it will heal better covered. Keep it moist with triple antibiotic ointment if it is clean and uninfected. Xeroform, a petroleum-impregnated gauze, is also great to keep it moist and covered in one step.

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