Do cigarettes ever go bad?

A friend of mine wants to go on vacation, camping for 2 weeks, and he smokes. He said he was going to just bring a few packs with him to tide him over until he gets home to a store again. I was wondering if that is ok to do. Do cigarettes have an expiration date? I know it's just dried leaves and paper but after a while do they start to go bad? I suppose they would if they got wet, which is very possible during his camping trip. Thanks for the help
Answers:    Once they are opened they will get stale. Menthols go in about 2 days, regulars in about a week. As long as the pack is unopened they are good for a couple months. I buy 3 cartons a month and my last pack tastes the same as the first.
cigarettes go bad after a week of being opened
Cigarettes go "bad" every time they're lit and inhaled or breathed.Otherwise, they're harmless.
they can stay good for a while (1.5-2 mo sealed). My ex girl said she could taste the difference just a couple of days make. It is not unsafe to smoke them just may not taste as good. Even if wet they can dry out
Cigarettes will eventually get stale. 2 weeks shouldn't be a problem. It usually takes quite a while before they get stale. If they get wet, they're not any good and will have to be thrown away. He probably needs to keep them in a sealed bag to prevent them getting wet.
alot depends on the climate,and the enviroment you are in.If they are kept dry and airtight yes they will be ok.Some people put their packs in the refrigerator.
They get a little stale tasting.

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