How do you get rid of a limp after Hip replacement surgery.?

Answers:    Your physical therapist is trained to provide exercises and routines to strengthen the muscles you use to walk. It takes time because frequently people who've had hip replacements also limped before their surgery to avoid pain. Therefore their muscles "learned" to limp and must be retrained to walk straight. If you are still limping, use a cane or a forearm crutch to prevent the limp. You don't want to train your muscles to limp. Occasionally a post-op limp can be caused by a difference in leg length. Many times this length difference resolves slowly over time. When it doesn't, a lift placed inside the shoe may be all that's needed. Avoid using a lift too soon to solve this problem. Sometimes the limp resolves on its own as you regain muscle tone and strength.
To sum up: use a walking aid as long as you limp. Do your therapy exercises religiously. When your therapy is completed, continue doing the exercises on your own. If you are still limping after 6 mos. to a year, visit with your surgeon and ask about another round of therapy and have your leg lengths measured to spot a leg length difference that may be causing the limp.
Hi Laurie, I know exactly how you feel...if you have tried physical therapy and it hasnt need to strengthen all of the muscles around the hip and maybe that will help. Another thing I have heard is that ppl actually start to limp before the surgery and it is very difficult to change that eventhough the muscles are ready. One last thing I will suggest you try is pay more attention to how you are walking, if the pain is causing the extra attention and try to walk without the limp and if you can...keep it in mind until it becomes more natural to you. Good luck.feel free to e-mail me if you want to talk more about it.
My grandpa had a limp for years ,and what helped was getting a shoe with a thicker sole on the right side to counteract the limp.
You should be contacting your Orthopedic Surgeon, or the place where you have done Rehab. They should inform you what can be done about it. Are both legs equal in length ? How long ago was the Hip replacement Surgery done? These are just some of the questions you may need to have answers for , before you call. You have a good answer, here, increasing the thickness of your shoe is the answer for a leg that is somewhat shorter.See Shoe repair place for that if you need it and you need to know how much shorter the leg is, your therapist will measure it. Best wishes.
physiotherapy is what i would suggest.
u can keep an in-house licenced physiotherapist to help u.
the limp needs extra care and attention while work and some of the cartilages need that time to settle in their positions.
but i will not suggest complete bed rest. take it lightly and slow.
Do you know the cause of the limp? If the limp is the result of pain, work at removing the cause of the pain.

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