Broken fibula by ankle six months ago still swollen why ?

It is not painful to touch gets sore when i use it alot. However my toes are very painful and swollen and become even more swollen when i am on my feet alot. Has anyone had a similar problem or know what my problem could be.
Answers:    When your body suffers a broken bone or strains/sprains, it reacts by in different ways. Right now, the muscles and fat in your body are swelling around where the broken bone was in order to protect it from further injury. The pain may be due to the fact that your body had become used to not using the leg/foot the way you used to. As for the swelling, I would recommend taking Ibuprofen (which is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or NSAID). For the pain, Paracetomal (also an NSAID) is useful in managing more severe pain.

Other then all that, if the pain and swelling continue to happen you need to check with your doctor.

Good luck

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