Foot pain - feels like something in there?

I started to have this strange pain/tenderness on the bottom of my foot on the left side (about two inches below the toes) last summer. There was a slightly dark spot. I went to the dermo thinking it was a wart. She dug around some and suggested it wasn't a wart, that possibly there was something in there. She said the only way to know for sure was to numb the foot and start digging. Well, the pain eventually went away... only to return this week! I don't recall ever stepping on anything. Any thoughts?
Answers:    I had the same thing and a Physical therapist told me that it is a bone that grows slightly longer after adulthood. Feels a little like you are walking on a bean or a stone in your shoe, only it happens when yo are barefoot, as well.
Good luck
I've heard of gout; could it be that
Could be a hard spot of callous. That would need to be removed too.
Have you tried X rays. Could have broken a bone and it splintered a piece off and is just floating around or calcium deposit.
How about having an x-ray to r/o a foreign body in the foot and if that is negative try a podiatrist.

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