I sprained my finger and it is still swollen and cant close completly but its been over three weeks, why?

Answers:    An X-ray can miss a hairline fracture because it's so small and doesn't go all of the way through, the only thing you can do to try to get the swelling down if it hasn't gone down by now is to ice it and give it rest, stop using it for what ever you may be using it for. and also taking Ibuprofen helps because it takes down the inflammatory response which causes the swelling. If it is still bruised you may need to look at the scar tissue that you have, it can limit the range of motion if it is just a sprain you should have been trying to get the swelling to other parts of the body before the scar tissue developed.
Are you sure you just sprained it? Have you been to your doctor? You might have actually broken it or gotten a bone spur or something like that.
I bet it is jammed; feels like a sprain, looks like a sprain. You may want to see a doc and have him pull your finger! no kidding.
First of all how do you know you sprained it?Have you had an X-ray? Severe swelling, bruising and redness could be a sign of fracture. But if you did have X-rays and its not fractured, then it is a severe sprain/strain, which could take up to 1 to improve. The swelling should have gone down by now. If the pain or the swelling does not improve within the next week, then go see your doctor again, maybe they missed something on the X-ray.
it sounds like it might be broken get an x-ray.

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