I am taking Hydrocodone, can I pass this drug test?

I have been taking Lortab for about 3 months now for my TMJ problem. My doctor gave me 7.5/500 which I have been abusing I admit. I take anywhere from 7-12 a day. I have a drug test in 5 days for a new job. If i have a prescription for them and stop taking them today until after the drug test, will I pass it. I know taking them as directed I would be fine with a prescription, but as I've sated I've taken more than prescribed. Will that show up even if i didn't stop taking them? Can they tell how many i've taken, and if i stopped today, will they even show up at all? By the way, I weigh 241lbs. 6ft tall and am a male, 25 yrs. old. If I am at risk for failing is there anything I can do to speed up the half life and get it out of my system in 4 1/2 to 5 days or at least enough to pass the test? Thank you soo much in advance! ALSO would there be a difference if it was a blood or a urine test, because i'm not sure which it is but do know it's not a hair test.
Answers:    If you have a script for hydrocodone than why wouldn't you pass the test. As long as the prescription is dated for within the last month. I don't think they test for how much you have in you, just if its in you!! Or that's been my experience. If they check for opiates which hydro is one of, than you will test positive, show you prescription then you should be fine. hey, what the hell are you doing taking that many a day? Do you realize that each pill had 500 mg of Tylenol and u can get toxic amounts of Tylenol and do liver damage which can cause death. Do the math 500 mg x 12 = 6000 mg of Tylenol a day. You are killing yourself. Do you not realize that you are addicted and have you any idea how hard this addiction is too kick!! Hey, heard all that in treatment and I'm still fighting the battle to stay off of them. Get help before you die. To think all ur worried about is the drug test..hell, the drug test is the least of your worries! Sorry if I sound harsh but I want you to wake up without taking a hydro to get you going. Than i want you to just wake up!! Good luck with your battle of addiction!! oh yes, and with your job. PLEASE DO SOME RESEARCH ON OPIATES!
You can pass if they aren't testing you for hydrocodone. Most just test for coke and weed. I take it for migraines and I've passed many a drug test.
It actually takes about 3 days to come out. But in some drug tests it does come out. My boyfriend is on probation and it comes out sometimes but since the prescription is his it is ok. If you have any problams then just show the prescription to them.

Question what is a TMJ problam. I also take Hydrocodone from a car accident 2 yrs ago. But they don't take away the pain.
when you go for a drug test they will ask what meds your on now.which may not interfer with your test unless you are taking above the prescribed dose it might.my concern is that your taking that many a day,addiction to them is what im wondering about.you said you quit taking them abruptly you could have withdrawal symptoms.syptoms are loss of appetite ,sleep difficulties, and change in personality and others.dont take offense by my comments you ask.take care and i hope there is no addiction.
I failed a drug test becaue of my regular use of narcotic pain relief. The lab called the pharmacy, who confirmed that I do in fact have a legal prescription, and all was well. You should be fine, but please stop abusing them.
You will be fine - they are just testing to detect whether they are present. If you have a script - end of story. You may want to drop your dosage down to the four to six hour window or six per day.
You will get a positive on the opioid panel.Some tests can detect opioid 20 - 40 days after. Come clean and let them know you are taking a prescription. It is no big deal as long as you have a legal prescription.
Just bring in your bottle and show it to the tester. They can't tell how many you take on just a regular pre-employment drug screen. I have to take a random drug test at my pain doctor that tells them exactly how much and what meds I am taking so they know I'm not selling or abusing my pills, but a regular pre-employment screen just tests for the prescence of drugs, not levels.
They aren't checking for someone taking too much of a prescription they've been prescribed. They're checking for use of drugs not prescribed (to you, the pisser of course) or street drugs. You could take them normally and not fail. (You'll show positive, but the prescription will cause you to pass the drug test)

I am concerned about the amount of Tylenol you're consuming here - this can be toxic. Please do some research and give your liver a break.

Also, cut your body some slack and don't quit taking these cold-turkey! ouch!
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why hide your medication from your employer. if you do and are taken on then you will breech your contract as soon as you sign it. if they find out ,they will feel they cannot trust you as you have lied to them from the start.
yes you can so long as you have a prescription drug. They will simple see you are under doctor prescriptions. Make it know ahead of time and bring proof
This is how to pass a drug test?
I smoked everyday for years, i stopped in jan and it still shows in march.I've used terminater gold 60, it says it takes an hour to clean u up, but it took 2hrs just to finish the product. say u want to take a test at 11am, start drinking it at 6-7am. wait till your pee turns yellow before you head out to the test. I also used natrully klean in the past , but u have too drink a gallon and doesnt taste that good, but it works!!

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