Doctors receptionists, what the hell is wrong with them?

Your a receptionist, you pick up the phone, you do a bit of filing, why are you all such complete egotistical bastar**. Im not going to tell you whats wrong with me, its none of your business, its private, your not a doctor. How the hell do these normal women become such devils, i mean is a little power so bad for a woman, as to drive her crazy. I have never met a doctors receptionist, that hasnt spoken down to me, or atleast been unhelpfull. I think the whole lot need a slap..
Answers:    I have to agree with you mate. Surely it's breaching the patient confidentiality code. They aren't doctors, they haven't studied for years to become so knowledgeable that I'd be comfortable enough to tell them what is wrong with me, or why I want to see a doctor. I have tried to make an appointment with my doctor for weeks now and I keep being informed that I have to turn up 15 minutes before opening to see if i can make an appointment for that day. This is after being told that the doctor has been fully booked for the next three weeks. I asked if i come back tomorrow will I get in to see the doctor. The reply was yes but you'll have to turn up 15 minutes before opening to see when you can see him. This is madness isn't it. I think that they believe that they are managers of the doctors workload and that they look after him so he/ she doesn't get too tired, and matriarchs of public health where they only admit the unhealthiest smelling/ looking/ noiseist people in to see the doc. They probably believe that they are also doing the work of nature and are weeding out the most unfit from the gene pool because they made some people wait so long that they died, or that people who weren't really ill died at home because they were to stupid to see the doctor. In actual fact these dragons scared, and offended people so much with their attitude that sick people stayed at home. The receptionist know this deep down and they feel mighty proud, they are curing sickness in the world indirectly. Thats how they see it. Plus they only want to know what's wrong so they can talk about in the pub with everyone else who will listen.
Anyway my last doctors receptionists in Scotland were great. They weren't nosy, or rude and nor did you have to wait weeks to see a doctor. So before I came down here I didn't know why the audience to My Hero on the BBC found Mrs Raven funny I do now. Well I don't I just know now why the character is the way she is, she is a medical receptionist.
I feel like I'm an inconvenience to the receptionists at the doctor's. They seem to be more helpful over the phone than face to face though.
1st of all are all receptionists women? but to answer your question u should only need to tell the receptionist that you need a apointment and your name. nothing to why you need to see the doctor.
totally agree with u. but the receptionists at my dentist is even worst >_< the fat cow makes my blood boil ahhhhhhhhh
You need to tell your doctor about the rudeness of his/her receptionist(s).

Then again he may have a very good reason for them asking you these questions. It helps save him time when he/she does get to see you so that he can spend more time with the diagnosis instead of getting all the details. Just make sure that when the receptionist writes down the informtion for him/her that it is written correctly. Make sure the doctor knows exactly what is bothering you.

Most offices, doctors or otherwise, would not run if it weren't for the receptionists and clerical personnel. The perform an invaluable service. . . . that being said there is always the exception. . . . the rude, inconsiderate and crass receptionist. Those are the ones that you should tell your doctor about, he/she needs to know because they could be losing him patients and patience.

Good luck.
I've had a lot of bad experiences with receptionists over the years - all echoing what you've said. I actually challenged one woman by saying, "Oh, I didn't know they employed qualified staff on reception - which hospital did you study at?" That shut her up!
One at Peterborough a few years ago appeared to have been related to Ghengis Khan
i think they think that they received the job through royal appointment . . . to fair i'm sure it must be a very stressful job but still! wouldn't hurt to at least be polite!
They all passed with honours from the school of nosey awkward bitches, and the pay is better than working at the job centre plus help desk
I know exactly what you're talking about - they're so rude. I think they're just people 'who didn't quite make it as doctors' or better still 'budding doctors'. I think they feel protective over their GP's. Sad, but true. I could tell you a thing or two about the receptionist's I've met in my travels, but that'd take all my day up. I sure empathise with you though. They need to be taught that at the end of the day, we're all equal and they're not God's gift to patients.
you've just had some bad luck getting the women in her PMS time.

and i've never had the receptionist ask about my ailment, all they ask is the day/time suitable to you and the day/time's available on the doc's schedule.
You must live where I live.Oh how I so agree with you,I think they think they are very special people,I have seen them being nasty to the elderly and unmarried mothers.They have a very stupid system at our surgery where you stand in one area to make an appointment and you walk about 4 steps to the left if you have come to see the doctor, and god help you if you go to the wrong place.Yes they need a good slap.
just tell them you have a boil on your genitals that oozing yellow puss and it smells like rotten meat, you have night sweats and cant sleep your worried about things.. too much info should keep them quiet and non judgemental
I'm a Practice Manager, the staff here are computer leterate and savvy, they deal daily with pratts who know nothing about the running of a practice and think a cold is a terminal disease that can only be cured if seen within two minutes of exposure, they also deal with GP's who are inundated with paper and heart-sink patients who just want 'a chat', if only the sick attended, there would be loads of appointments for you, if your not happy change your GP, if you can find anyone to accept you..
The GP's ask the receptionist to get this information you don't have to be specific, you could just say an infection, you can be as vague as you want.
The GP's like to know what they are ringing you about or if you are making an appointment do you need a longer one or a short one.
I don't see what the big deal is. They are not doing it to be nosey.
I asked the practice manager at my doctors why these questions were asked, once she explained it I didn't see any problems with it.
if you think there rude tell the doctor,I'm sure he doesn't want rude people working for him , if she rude to you she has to be rude to others also, If i was the doctor I'd want to know.
how weird. I was just having a rant about this this morning. Glad I'm not the only one who thinks this!
3 words- Patients Like You!
Well if you come across over the phone as obnoxious as you do on your question, I can see why the receptionists might be less than helpful. Have you ever tried being nice to them? You might be amazed at the response.
Its a power trip, they think they are better than anyone else.
hello. they sit on their backside all day!
i hate them they seem to play god with your health.when i ring for a appointment i have to wait 2 weeks to see my doctor and you can`t give them any abuse cause you will be taken off the doctors books.
haven't you ever thought maybe it was because they had a bad day or maybe they couldn't get no other job but as that. i find that somewhat true but not all because yesterday when i went to my foot doc and he was done talking with me i went the receptionists and she asked when does he want to see you again. i said i dont know and she was like well i cant read minds! let tell you a lil secret.if they are mean jsut be nice back. thats how you cna get them back!
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