I cut my finger 13 hours ago and it is still bleeding what do I do?

I did not think that the cut looked that bad at first but I guess I was wrong. It has slowly been bleeding all day now. Hindsight tells me I should have gotten stitches when it happened but I think that is no longer an option as the cut is too old. My finger is stiff and throbs. The cut is the entire width of my finger. When I move my finger I can see the flesh inside of the cut on both sides.
What should I do?
Answers:    I have never heard of a cut being too old for stitches---besides, many clinics don't use 'em much anymore---they use a type of glue.

If you really want to avoid a clinic, 1}Use peroxide soak for a minute or two, making sure to open the wound
2} Submerge the whole hand in ice water for 5-10 minutes---hold hand above your heart.
3)Wrap the wound in gauze and tie it to a neighboring finger with a clean cloth---don't tie it too tight.
4) Unwrap in 12-24 hours, apply peroxide and neosporin, re-wrap.
5) wound sholld be ok in a day or so, but keep it clean, dry and immobile for at least 4 days
6) Sleep with a mitten on if you have one. An oven mitten will do.
This is recommendation 2---#1 is to see a doctor. But it's sunday---it can wait til tomorrow, probably, when doctors and clinics are cheaper---Brian

ps---is your tetanus shot up to date? Also, if you see red streaks shooting up your arm where blue veins should be, get to a doctor immediately

Cut it off then you won't have to worry about it anymore.
go to the hospital
You need to go get this stitched up. Go now and get it taken care of.
I have heard of people using super glue.
Go to the Docta
Go to the doctor. You may have touched an artery, so get that checked and see what the doctor says...
well maybe you should get it amputated
Go to the doctor or the hospital and have it checked out.Soon.
Whatever you do don't go see a doctor. Rub your finger in some human feces and continue asking questions on AnyQA.com .
put medicine on it and put a tihgt band aid on it it might stop after that-ive done that b4 and it worked!!=) well yea good luck
go to the freakin hospital.
Your continuous bleeding might mean that you have a low blood platelet count.
You should probably report to the doctor, right away. You could get an infection, if untreated too long.
It isn't too late for stitches, go to the Dr.
See a doctor to get it sanitized. and you can still save the finger.
I hope you cleansed it well first. Yes, you should go and get it stitched up, it is not too late. You can apply pressure to stop the bleeding and get to the doctor to get the stitches you need.
i would put a large sterilized band around it, until i can get to the doctors.
dont move your finger so much, it can agitate the cut.
go to the hospital as soon as possible!
Head for ready care, NOW
Well ya need to go to the doctor silly head! If it's not that deep, and you don't need stitches, then there may be another reason you are still bleeding. You might be a hemophiliac. So either way, go to the doctor and get it checked out.
You might have severed a nerve or a main blood vessel. You really need to get it stitched up, and yes, even after 13 hours. Something is wrong if it hasn't stopped bleeding. RED FLAG!
if it's cut really deep, then you should get it stitched... perhaps you're low on vitamin k? here are some things to help it-- but it won't stop the bleeding of now.. put gauze on it and try to stop it by not pulling the cut apart.

vitamin k is in;

-dark leafy greens
-soy beans
-brussel sprouts

**i'd stick to the vegetables
go to an urgent care or ER.
Go to a hospital, and next time you can see FLESH go to the ER right away. Next time you cut yourself the ENTIRE WIDTH go to the ER right away. You do realize in hindsight you weren't very bright about this don't you? Personally I never heard of a cut being too old to get stitches. Although you might be in some pain as they clean the cut. In the very least get to an ER to get it cleaned and sterilized, and HOPE you didn't already get it infected.
go to the ER room or emergency care or a doctor
Well first of all what are you doing waiting 13 hours are you mad?? you have to go to the hospital and get stitches and also tell the doctor you have been bleeding for 13 hours, that not normal your blood should have clotted at least a little bit after 25 min. You could have a blood clotting disorder, for some reason its more common now than in the last 20 years.

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