Everytime I take a Nap I wake up and get a huge headache?

I have been like this for a couple of years. I cant even fall asleep for 20 minutes. I get so tired sometimes, but whenever I take a nap I wake up and almost immediately get such a horrible headache its not even worth taking a nap. I dont drink eithe except once in a while at night so it's not that. Any advice?
Answers:    Do you sleep on a ton of pillows? The odd angle of your head with a lot of pillows could cause a headache. Do you sleep under a fan or vent? The cold air causes vasoconstriction and can cause headaches.

I can't think of anything else. Maybe you should see doctor
Oversleep can cause headache!

Try getting into a habit of sleeping at around 10. get the 8 hrs in and don't sleep more than that.

It works for me. I do only 6-7 hrs usual and never get headaches!
Dont take a nap
Take a couple of aspirin before you lay down. If the doc has given you a clean bill of health then just don't nap. Go to bed earlier at night and you might not need a nap. m
Oxygen deprivation.do you snore? You may have apnea which causes excessive tiredness due to airway blockageat night. Dunno how old you are but I can saw lots of wood during a 20 minute nap and I have apnea.
Sounds as though you have two things going on.

1. De-hydrated.drink more water or Iced Tea.NO COLA or COFFEE

2. not enpough sleep the night before.

try those
bc naps aren't supposed to be really long.. you need to take either a cat nap (20 minutes) or a power nap (2 hours) .. you get headaches bc you're probably waking up bc you're disrupted during a REM cycle. 20 min and 2 hour naps should help you. make sire the amount of sleep you get at night is sufficient. i think it helps to get an even number of sleep. i get grumpy when i sleep for 7 or 9 hours. but for some reason 6 and 8 never bother me. also, your body won't let you sleep longer than you're supposed to, so when you wake up in the morning for the first time, don't go back to bed. get up and do something to keep you awake. and then maybe like, after work take a 2 hour nap and then do stuff and finally go to bed and repeat. i hope this helps!
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