I need to pass a drug test. My doctor prescribes me oxycontin 2 a day, I take more, the test is so that the?

doctor can see if I am abusing them which I guess I am, not overly just taking more than how she told me to take them because her amount doesnt help my pain, anyway my question is can anyone tell me what i can do so that I can pass the test and she wont find out how many I am really taking. How can I pass the test without ordering those cleansing drinks online. I have my test on Monday at 1pm and today is Sunday morning 8am. Please help me someone. Thank you ahead of time for anyone that can help. I've heard drinking vinigar that is gross, is there anything else?
Answers:    You need to get to the root of the pain and fix that. You do not want to live your life on pain meds. It is no life. I wish they could fix me because the first thing I would do would be to get off them as I have in the past. As far as the test she can't tell exactly anyhow and it depends on the test. There is not a certain level of the drug in your blood that completely coincides with the dose you are taking or supposed to be taking. They can tell if you are taking it versus not. They can't lets say tell you to take 4 tablets a day of however many mg.s and then test your blood and say jeez you are taking 10mg too much. It does not happen that way.There are too many ifs, like how long you have been on it. Some drugs really build up in your system and would appear like you should have overdosed. I know a lot about testing as I took part in the clinical trials on buprenorphine where they tested us for any other usage with equipment that is state of art and rarely used anywhere else. It is the same as what is used for federal urine testing and that is sent away to where there is one of these machines. My pcp was also the doctor who oversaw these trials and I have talked to him much about it now that the trials are over.There are no more acurate machines than these available and they can pick up the fact that you held opiates in your hand even if you did not ingest them. Now that is pretty good. But they can not tell you exactly how much you took. If you are not taking a whole bunch more than you are prescribed I would not worry. Much of the time they wait for you to get nervous and tell them. I take 140mg of methadone a day for chronic intractable pain. On occasion as my doctor is an addiction medicine specialist as well , he tests everyone on narcotics to make sure they are taking them and not selling them. I usually test as if taking 20 times the amount that would normally show for my dose and that is because I've taken it for 5 years and not because I'm taking more. We have talked extensively about doseage and blood levels as he knows I do work with veterinary medicine and have an interest in all medical. I really wish you would get to the root of this though as I hate to think of another having to live on pain meds for life and likely still in pain as well.
The cleansing drinks are a scam. Drinking vinegar isn't going to do any good either. Best thing is to tell the doc that it isn't relieving your pain. Maybe you could be taking something else along with the Oxycontin. If you're in genuine pain, you need help with the pain and you're not going to get that by lying. You're in a tough spot. Good luck.
well if you do not want to drink vinegar then it is your fault and what if your doctor has Yahoo and is reading these questions today and she see's this answer but if you want to pass your test either you drink the vinegar of you don't pass the test and get sent to jail for 6 or 7 years it is your choice
Oxycontin is very addictive. What do you have so much pain from? You should be truthful and talk to your doctor about alternatives.
If you're abusing them, your doctor needs to know that. You're going down a dangerous path. Don't look at the situation as her trying to "catch you", but rather of her trying to find out why the oxycontin isn't helping your pain. If she sees that your levels are very high, yet your pain is not relieved, she will need to figure out another method of pain relief for you. Her medical license is on the line if she's permitting you to abuse a prescription drug. Don't lose her trust of you, or you'll find yourself doctor shopping to support your drug habit.

Have you tried taking something like ibuprofen between your oxycontin doses? You don't say what your condition is, but some people have had success in taking nerve "relaxers" (anti-seizure medications, anti-depressants)with their pain meds also. Be honest with you so she can find something that will work well to relieve your pain.
I know this is not what you want to hear but it really is best if you talk to your doctor about how much you are taking. I have a friend who was in the same situation and he ended up finally telling his doctor and then they reassessed his treatment and found something much better for him. Sometimes taking more can be a sign or symptom of something more serious that may need to be addressed, not just an addiction.
bring the script to test,,cuz won/t pass,,tell them why you take them,,but not how many..and let them quess how many you take...by having legitamit script for these,,should be ok,,take one an hour before test,,to screw up results,,good luck and come clean,say dr.'s ordered for the 2 a day
The problem is, if you do try and cleanse your system using a detox drink, you're likely going to get all of the medication out and you're going to get dismissed from your pain clinic for not having the medication in your system... they aren't just checking to make sure you're not abusing them, they're checking to make sure you have a detectable level in your body so they know you aren't selling your pills. In other words, you're kinda screwed. You should have been honest with your doctor about the relief or lack thereof you were getting from your pills so she could help you instead of adjusting your dose without her supervision or approval. Being in pain management is a big responsibility... your job as a pain management paitient is to take the medication AS PRESCRIBED, not increase your dose without your doctors orders, and communicate honestly with your doctor about how the medications are affecting you and if they're helping or not. You didn't do your job, so you may get fired.

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