I swallowed a little bit of peroxide..what do i do?>?

Answers:    No big deal. Just have a glass of water. At the very most it would cause some GI upset.
Drink lots and lots and lots of water to wash out your insides.
A small amount won't harm you. But I must give you props for being able to put up with the taste of peroxide in your mouth... stuff is nasty. But yeah if you're really worried, drink a bunch of water it will dilute the substance and get it out of your system quicker.
I assume you're talking about the standard 3% Hydogen peroxide available in every drug store. If so, yes, diluting it with a lot of water will help you assimilate it without causing any gastointestinal upheavals.

But it should also be pointed out that H2O2 is purported by some to be beneficial internally because it is adding oxygen to your system. Since diseases like cancer require an anaerobic (oxygen free) environment to survive, oxygen is deadly to these diseases (that's a good thing). But I should point out that when H2O2 is used for this purpose, a food grade peroxide is used and it is generally injected through an IV. But there are some advocates of drinking it in small amounts.

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