Why does pain feel good to me?

Well, when I press on my radial nerve or a pressure point in my back or flick something with my finger I get a large amount of pain but with the pain comes an even greater good feeling like relaxation. I just want to know why this is happening to me it has gone on all my life and nothing has changed. I push as hard as i can on a pressure point lets say in the hand which I have also tried to do the same thing on other people but they say it feels terrible but it feels great to me. Please tell me something.
Answers:    Miek,

In reality there is a fine line between pain and pleasure. There are scores of masochists out there who'll agree with you.

Pain releases endorphins into the bloodstream, your body's very own morphine supply. You probably feel it hit more than other folks do.
It means you enjoy pain. Some people enjoy the feeling of pain but most people don't.
go to a doctor.
You probably have underlying depression or another issue.Pain releases endorphins that make you feel better.My advice is to seek professional help before you hurt yourself.
So you're a masochist in a non-sexual way.

I enjoy the pain of piercings and tattoos. To each their own.
like my brother when he gets hurt he ussually starts laughting out loud it could be some sort or nerve connections in the brain their is some sorts of med for that but what is not treatable by meds here and there

its not a bad thing thou
u may have depression.
Many people feel that pain is good. Many others would say they dislike pain. However, when someone scratches, they are inflicting pain on themselves, but yet they feel good when they do it. Same goes for nose picking. Perhaps you just enjoy pain to a greater degree than others. However, i suggest you stop hurting yourself before it develops into sonething serious. Of course, you could always try picking your nose when you feel like hurting yourself

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