My daughter has a green infection under her finger nail?

My daughter is 3 years old. In june said she slammed her finger in a door, though she never complained of it. Ine day we noticed her finger nail swollen, green and black with puss oozing out of it. It only got worse. We went to the doctor and he burned a hole in it and the nail fell off. Well, now shes getting the same thing again! Its covered 1/3 of her nail on one finger and on another hand she has it starting and its the size of the tip of a pen. Her doctor insists she has had trauma or a splinter and to let it work its way out. But, if it just spreads how will it work its way out? I am scared that my daughters finger nails will fall off one by one. Any advice would be great. I also have picutes I can e-mail.
Answers:    go back to the doctor. thats not something you should be asking people online.
I wouldn't trust that doctor, it sounds pretty bad to me. At the very least you should be treating it with antibiotics to try to kill the bacteria. You might want to get a few more professional medical opinions as well.
Go see a different doctor and get a second opinion!
take her to another doctor. i think infections that do not clear up can become gangreen? my 9 year old just did this a week ago, and her fingernail and finger are purple, but no green. green usually means an infection, and that has to be taken care of.
send me the pics to

ill see if i can tell you anything about it
get a second opinion! it needs to be checked and she probably needs antibiotics.
Take her to another doctor. Nail infections have to be treated and it takes a long time to get rid of them She may have to take antibiotics for several months.
Did your doctor take a culture of the puss? If not either demand he do so or find a new one asap. If the one hand had a splinter the other would not have a problem. Keep going until you get answers.
no idea! sry.
greenish, can result from different infections and conditions of the skin. In about 50% of cases, discolored nails are a result of infections with common fungi that can be found in the air, dust, and soil. There are many species of fungi that can affect nails. By far the most common, however, is called Trichophyton rubrum. This type of fungus has a tendency to infect the skin and is therefore known as a dermatophyte. Pseudomonas is a type of bacteria that infects the nail bed and result in a greenish color to the nails. Red or black nails may result from a hematoma (a collection of blood) under the nail as a result of trauma (including ingrown toenails).

Chronic medical conditions also can affect the appearance of the nails. Specific color changes in the nails can be suggestive of diabetes or of liver, kidney, heart, or lung conditions. This is why doctors pay specific attention to nails during a routine physical examination.
My daughter had the same thing but not quite so extreme. I was just told to lance it to relieve pressure and then but neosporin or something like that on it and watch it for a few days. I also loaded her up on all of your amune system building herbs like echinecha, and stuff like that. I did that and it worked.
Get a second opinion. A different doctor may see something this first doctor is missing.
Why don't you go to the ER? What state do you live in?
Forget the Doctor he seems like a Quack! Take her to the Hospital emergency room immediately! Your little girl could Die!!
Go Now!
That sounds really serious, like a fungus. I think that you should go back to the doctor & if he says the same thing then you should get a second opinion. Good luck & I hope that your daughter gets better.
i think i have a similar experience with one of my cousins i want to see pics
Seek as many medical opinions as possible. Find better Doctors.
well my best advice would be to find another doctor, but for a home cure i would suggest getting aloe from a real aloe vera plant and keeping that on the infected area as much as possible. i had a bad infection from a burn and it was really gross, a friend broke some leaves off his aloe plant and squeezed it on my wounds. theres alot of pure aloe that comes from even one leaf. it took a week or so but it cured all infection. i used it everyday. i have never used aloe from a jar but i will say that in my case pure aloe right from the plant really did a great job. i had alot of really gross looking stuff happening around the infection. but i still have to say a very qualified medical professional would be youre best choice.and being such a young child she wont be able to stand infection the way an adult can. just please go get another doctor that is more qualified, maybe a skin specialist would be of more help to you.
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