I heard a loud pop followed by pain in my knee. How important is it to seek medical attention?

A few weeks ago, I experienced pain in my knee. I sometimes sleep on my stomach with my right leg bent up and to the side. While I was sleeping, I straightened my leg out and immediately heard a loud pop followed by excruciated pain. The pain in my knee is mainly on the inside. I've noticed that I cannot bend my knee past a forty-five degree angle without pain. I've been told it may be my meniscus. Is this true and how important is it to seek medical treatment? I can perform my day to day activities usually without too much pain. Thank you.
Answers:    I always answer people's knee questions on AnyQA.com . I am not going to give you this long explanation. Knees are complicated and tricky, but most importantly, as you age, they wear down. So if you are already having pain now what will you be like when you are older? Personally I would not live with pain in my knee. I just had my 13th knee surgery on Friday and I am only 25 years old. Trust me, you don't want to turn out like me. I would definitely see an orthopedic doctor and have xrays and an mri scan. Exercise your leg and keep it strong because strong legs are the key to maintaining healthy knees. I would tackle this problem before it gets any worse. It could be your meniscus or a ligament tear or pull (there are 4 in the knee) or a cartilage or bone problem. It is possible that surgery might be needed, but since you are able to do your daily activities with only a little pain it is possible that just some physical therapy would help.
Good luck to you.
for any sort of long lasting pain you need to see a doctor, if it hasnt gotten better in a week you might be doing some long term damage by putting off the doctor
It all depends on what you're doing at home to treat it and whether it's getting any better on its own. Try icing it every day with elevation. I play quite a bit of basketball, and my prescribed method of icing knees is to place an ice bag over the affected area (where you feel pain), then wrap the bag onto the area with an ace bandage--not too tight, as you don't want to cut off circulation. as the ice melts and forms around your knee, release some air from inside the bag. Do this for about 30 or so minutes. You should also consider getting a neoprene knee wrap at a local pharmacy. This will add compression and keep your knee from swelling too badly. Most importantly, though, you need to rest it. You said you can perform you day to day activities with little pain, and that's very good. Generally try to keep off it as much as you can though. It may take some patience, but you'll be thankful in the long run. Nothing prolongs an injury as trying to do too much on it while it tries to heal.

Try these things first. If you don't see any noticeable improvement over a couple weeks, then seek medical attention
Yes it is very important. Please dont let it get bad. If it gets worse it will require surgery if you let it go to long. It is much better to be safe than sorry. Trust me I had the same kind of injury in the shoulder and let it go and had surgery 3 months later

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