what does Orofar stand for ?

I mean what does this word mean ? I know this a medicine for flue and running nose but i always wonder what does this name mean ? does Oro come from the word oral ??
Answers:    Orofar is a new sore throat remedy that is also used for canker sores and gum inflammation. It contains a unique active substance called benzoxonium, which acts not only against bacteria, but also against viruses that cause most cases of sore throat. It also acts against yeast that cause many unpleasant problems.
Orofar is the only medicine that contains the pain-killing substance lidocain in all its forms. You can buy Orofar in two forms: lozenges and throat spray. Both forms are suitable for adults and children 4 years and older.

- Spray brings the active substances directly to the point of pain where they act immediately
- It is the only antiseptic spray with lidocaine
- Thanks to special nozzle design Orofar spray fits in a pocket or handbag
- The nozzle is connected to the bottle - you cannot lose it
- Orofar spay contains the least amount of alcohol among throat sprays sold in the Czech Republic
- The pellucid solution does not smudge clothes
- One pack contains 240 dosages

- In addition, sore throat lozenges are especially useful for treatment of canker sores and gum inflammation
- Orofar lozenges contain 1 mg of lidocaine - they kill the pain without risk of side effects
- They do not contain sugar - therefore suitable for diabetics and doesn't lead to tooth decay.

Orange flavoured lozenges are packed by 24 pieces
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