Is inadequate sleep really worse than no sleep at all?

Answers:    i have this problem sometimes. my doctor said: no sleep is the worse thing you can do to your body, it can give you a heart attack. the heart he said needs rest. you can get by on little sleep but, it is not good said my doctor you will have the signs of lack of sleep in your eyes. please try to get more rest and quit thinking when you lie down to bed.
Yes, the more sleep deprived you become the worse you will function. A little sleep means a little less sleep deprived.
I don't think it matters (having had both).

If you aren't sleeping well, see your physician.
our bodies need rest no matter what. we need to sleep so our bodies can "rejuvinate" themselves. even only a few hours is good. but you should always try to get at least 6 or 7.
when you wake up after 2 or 3, you feel very very tired because your body isnt finished.
My experience is that if I have only 3 hours or less time to sleep then it doesn't worth it to spleep because waking up after 2 hours sleep is worst than just stay awake. However this is true only if you are for example stay awake for a night and go to bed at 4 am and have to wake up at 6. If you were awake for 3 days then any short sleep is good :)
Of course not!
No sleep = really bad and sad situation.
Inadequate sleep = not healthy however, but better than none!

Here's to your dream state!
Some sleep is better than no sleep. You will notice that if you take 5 min nap during your lunch break, you are fresher than no nap, right?
4 to 5 hours is all i can hadle any more than 8...than forget it

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