How many 25 mgs amitriptyline tablets would it take to overdose?

my friend is takingn them and i want to monitor hom
Answers:    just make sure they don't take over the dose stated on the bottle
Ask a doc. If you think your friend may do this then tell his doc so he can prescribe on a daily basis to help prevent it.

If someone really wants to kill themselves its quite hard to stop them. Just be sure that you cover all the bases that you can cover.
Speak with a pharmacist or GP and they will be able to advise accordingly. A pharmacist will be easier to get hold of. Alternatively, NHS direct give good advice over the phone for all sorts of medical related questions and queries: 0845 46 47 (if you're in the UK).
That all depends on the person . Just make sure they take the prescribed daily amount that will prevent this. I have just come off them. I was taking 150mg daily for years and I could still function but it really depends on the individual. If they are a threat to themselves take the tablets with you and you administer them till they get through this rough patch :)
Taking an overdose on tablets will not send you into a lovely peacefull sleep resulting in you not waking up! It will though knock you unconcious and then while it violates your insides will make you sick and usually results on the overdosee chocking on thier own sick and dying.

Not nice! You may want to bring this up in a conversation with your friend and hopefully he/she will think twice about overdosing on tablets.

If it is on the more serious side then your friend can get help and advice from his/her GP.
He/she probably needs you as a good friend right now so keep up the good work! ;)
If any one answers this you are crazy! This drug is a tricyclic antidepressent and is a dangerous drug. Don't give this person ammunition to commit suicide

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