How many of you check your eyes? Do you go to a Dr. every year?

If you do, Why? if You Don't, Why? Do you think is important to check your eyes even if your eyes are ok?
Answers:    You should get your eyes checked at least once a year even if you feel that you can see fine. In most industrial plants you are required to get them checked annually. If you think you don't have trouble seeing take the test any way. The test that you receive is painless and it's better to catch a sign of something that might impair your vision than to wait to late.
no i don't but i should
I do for the most part but my eyes are fine. The rest of my family wears glasses but I really don't think I need them.
I go once a year. I think its important because you shouldn't take your eyesight for granite.
I think it is important to have your eyes checked, esp for someone like me who works in front of the pc for 9 hours.

We had a company eye check up 3 months ago and I was informed that my left eye is not as clear as my right eye. Just a little bit though, so i had to wear glasses.
But i dont wear it lol
I am nearsighted so I go evey year to see if I need my glasses changed. Everybody should go once a year as there are problems (like Glaucoma) that don't become obvious until your eyes have already been damaged. An annual eye exam can catch such problems before your lose part (or all) or your vision.
I have mine checked every year because I have diabetes (more chances for eye disease)..but if you wear contacts you need that checked every year to see if your eyes are healthy enough to keep them.
I am very nearsighted, so I go every 2 years or so, get a thorough eye exam including havint my eyes dialated, since nearsighted ppl can get tears in their retinas more easily. I also buy up a huge amount of contacts to last me until the next time I go. If I ever had a change in my vision, I would definitely go before the 2 years.
If my eyes weren't bad, I would still go every 5 years or so, just to have someone look inside and make sure everything is ok.
I go about every 2 years. I get tired of the same glasses.
i do go to the optometrist every 3 months because wear contacts. i think that the eyes is the opening of the soul and to keep them beautiful is to keep them healthy.

Can't afford to do it every year. Would like to go soon, though as my vision has changed. Thanks for asking.
I used to go every 2 years. Now that I'm always sitting at a computer, I go every year just to make sure that I don't need to get my prescription changed.
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