Do doctors get a paid by drug companies for each prescriptions they write?

Our family doctor loves to write prescriptions. If you are not on any medication when you go in to see him you will walk out with 3-4 prescriptions.
Answers:    Yes they do, the rewards go from diners to free vacations and some times a monetary percent from each prescription this is no secret, and Why allot of people got prescribe drugs like neurontin when they dint need it at all. Wee are living in a strange world if you are sick and want your doctor to help you better do research on any drugs that are prescribe to see if it is something you really need and benefit from wee are in the need to developing new survivable skills not only to survive the decease but the doctors and drug company's.
I think they get incentives to write prescriptions for certain drugs, not sure if it is actually money or benefits, but I think they do get incentives!
They are invited to different parties given by different pharmaceuticals, of couse, the pharmaceuticals paid for everything
Many (not all) accept junkets or other perks for writing certain prescriptions. After all for most ailments there are many drugs that will work. So it is up to the doctor to pick one and they are given pre-printed prescription pads to help that.

Cash compensation is illegal in the US but the drug companies make up for it with trips, conferences and goodies.
That's a good question. They definitely work together. Every time I go into a doctor's office, there is someone there from a pharmaceutical company. They've gotta be getting something out of it.
Someone once told me they did, but my dr. isn't really like that so I'm not sure. Maybe a very honest dr. will answer this for you, unless it's some kind of big "secret" in the the medical world!
They get a lot of little bribes in the form of pens, clocks, notepaper, posters showing the function of the heart, and of course..lots of free samples of the drug the salesman is pushing that month.
i guess not, maybe pharmacy
not each but for per scribing them
Some doctor's offices get free meals and samples all of the time. Many times my doctor's office will give out free samples to try and a prescription if I like the drug. I really appreciate them when they do this. I have a friend with four children that has never had to pay for birth control because her doctor's office always gives her free bc.
Some doctors write prescriptions because that is what the patient wants and not necessarily what the patient needs. Would you feel that your concerns are being neglected if you visited the doctor about a problem and he didn't do anything or prescribe anything? Consider how many parents take their children to the doctor with an ear infection and walk away with an antibiotic? There are new studies that show that in many cases the antibiotics are unnecessary and may actually cause antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria - especially if used unnecessarily. What would you do if you were the doc facing a parent with a distressed baby? Give them drugs or not?
I don't mind so much the prescriptions. What really makes me mad is all the stuuuuupid commercials on TV! I think they should stop advertising prescription drugs! I'm sick of seeing ads about weak bladders, prostate problems, insomnia, and erectile dysfunction!
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Maybe the pharmaceutical reps offer them sexual favors.
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